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The recent economic downturn has had a significant impact upon the state's finances and, in turn, the level of state funding available for the University of California. While California's long-term prospects look strong, the short-term fiscal problems are very serious. Look to this page for updates and background information on the budget situation and its impacts on UC.

UC sponsors Dec. 1st town hall on the California state budget

Our University — a budget update for faculty and staff

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Student fees
Fact sheet about student fees
You Can, We Can Help: Profiles of how students financed their UC education
Overview of budget and student fees
Student fee powerpoint presentation
President's letter to students and parents - 7/31/03

Overview of the UC budget situation
Update on state budget situation - 9/17/03
Final 2003-04 state budget makes deep cuts at UC - 7/30/03
State budget cuts delay UC Merced opening - 7/30/03
Regents approve student fee increase - 7/17/03
President issues plan on student fees, possible enrollment constraints - 7/2/03
Message to employees about budget delay - 7/1/03
No new UC cuts in governor's revised budget - 5/14/03
Governor proposes 2003-04 budget cuts - 1/10/03
Regents cut 2002-03 budget, approve spring student fee increase - 12/16/02
Governor announces mid-year budget cuts - 12/6/02
Regents approve 2003-04 budget request - 11/14/02
Regents approve supplemental compensation for employees - 11/14/02
Facts and figures about the UC budget - 11/14/02
UCOP Budget Office

Q&A for employees

Overview of the state budget situation
Governor's budget proposals

California Department of Finance - Budget Q&A

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Information about employee benefits
Information about union negotiations


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