November 3, 2004


University of California President Robert C. Dynes issued the following statement today (Nov. 3) regarding the passage of Proposition 71, the stem cell research initiative:

"Stem cell research holds great possibilities for improving human health worldwide. With the passage of Proposition 71, the University of California is looking forward to working with our partner institutions to help administer and conduct this important research. As it has in so many other ways, the University can help California become an international leader in this field.

"The University enthusiastically takes up the challenge adopted by California's voters, and we are committed to doing our part to carry out their will. We intend to contribute to the success of the stem cell research effort created by Proposition 71, both by participating in its governance and, we hope, by conducting some significant part of the research.

"The University has been preparing for the possible passage of Proposition 71 by reviewing our responsibilities under the new governance structure and by discussing what is needed to develop a rigorous, science-based peer-review process for this research. We hope to contribute to an effort in which funding is used in the most efficient, effective way possible to fund the very best scientific work in this important field of research for advancing human health."

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