Friday, Dec. 10, 2004
Ravi Poorsina (510) 587-6194

2004-05 Eligibility and Admissions Study Group

The University of California's 2004-05 Eligibility and Admissions Study Group will meet on Monday, Dec. 13. This group has been convened by UC President Robert C. Dynes to serve as the successor to the 2003-04 Eligibility and Admissions Study Group, which reported on its discussions to the UC Board of Regents in March and issued a final report in April (available at: www.universityofcalifornia.edu/news/compreview/studygroup_final0404.pdf). Among the original group's recommendations was the convening of a "similarly constituted group to meet twice a year to discuss salient eligibility and admissions issues."

The 2004-05 study group will focus on identifying and examining emerging issues in eligibility and admissions and reviewing the university's progress in implementing the recommendations of the original study group, ultimately providing counsel to the Academic Senate and Board of Regents.

The agenda and background materials for the Dec. 13 meeting will be available on Monday at: www.universityofcalifornia.edu/news/compreview/2004-05group.html. A second meeting of the group is expected in the spring. As was the case with the original study group, these sessions are not policy-setting meetings and will not include a quorum of the Board of Regents or its committees. Reporters wishing to speak with representatives of the study group over the course of its deliberations may do so by contacting Ravi Poorsina at (510) 587-6194 or ravi.poorsina@ucop.edu.

Members of the 2004-05 Eligibility and Admissions Study Group include co-chairs Provost M.R.C. Greenwood and regent Joanne Corday Kozberg; regents Jodi Anderson, Monica Lozano and Peter Preuss; Senior Vice President for University Affairs Bruce Darling; Academic Council chair George Blumenthal; Academic Council vice chair Clifford Brunk; Board of Admissions and Relations with Schools chair Michael Brown; chancellors Albert Carnesale of UCLA and France Córdova of UC Riverside; UC Berkeley Executive Vice Chancellor Paul Gray; vice chancellors for student affairs Manuel Gómez of UC Irvine and Judy Sakaki of UC Davis; undergraduate deans Mark Appelbaum of UC San Diego and Christina Maslach of UC Berkeley; and University of California Student Association President Jennifer Lilla.

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