Friday, Aug. 13, 2004
Paul Schwartz (510) 987-9924


At its July meeting, the UC Board of Regents decided to table certain actions concerning changes to UC eligibility requirements and address them in a special mid-August meeting.

Regents' Chair Gerald L. Parsky, in consultation with UC President Robert C. Dynes and regents' education policy committee chair Joanne C. Kozberg, decided that a regular regents' meeting is the more appropriate forum to complete the regents' discussion regarding adjustments to UC's minimum GPA requirement, instead of a special August meeting that would need to be conducted via teleconference from numerous locations scattered throughout the state. Accordingly, the board will not convene a special August meeting.

Regents will likely take up this matter, along with approval of a final UC 2004-05 operating budget, at their next regularly scheduled meeting on Sept. 22-23 at UC San Francisco-Laurel Heights.

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