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Headlines from 2004

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Research and Faculty

Regent Lansing appointed to state stem cell research committee - Dec 9

UC makes appointments to stem cell oversight commission - Nov 17

President’s statement on Proposition 71, stem cell research initiative – Nov 3

Building dedications mark progress of California Institutes for Science and Innovation - Oct 29

UC faculty, UK higher education head, and members of Parliament to discuss Anglo-American relationships - Nov 9

UC and the 2004 Nobel Prizes: Three UC faculty win awards this year. - Oct 2004

UC wins third 2004 Nobel: UC Santa Barbara professor Finn Kydland in economics. - Oct 11

UC Irvine professor Irwin Rose receives 2004 Nobel Prize in chemistry - Oct 6

President Dynes' statement on Latest UC Nobel laureate - Oct 6

President Dynes' statement on latest UC Nobel laureate - Oct 5

UC's California Digital Library receives $2.4 million Library of Congress grant to preserve online government and political materials - Sep 30

Two UC researchers awarded "genius" grants - Sep 28

UC researchers win six of seven national science awards - Sep 22

UC helps launch global research partnership - Sep 16

New eScholarship service expands UC's effort to publish scholarly works - Sep 14

UC launches the nation's first medical education program focused on Latinos - July 9

Sixteen UC researchers elected to the prestigious National Academy of Sciences - Apr. 26

UC joins Public Library of Science - Apr. 1

Former Gov. George Deukmejian to lead systemwide willed body program task force - Mar. 18

UC's escholarship repository adds peer-reviewed publications - Mar. 9

UC tops annual list of universities receiving patents - Feb. 17

Students and Admissions

2005-06 student fees fact sheet - Nov 18

UC releases bilingual admissions guide - Oct 14

UC Eligibility and Admissions Study Group to meet Dec. 13

UC opens official fall 2005 application period - Nov 01

Regents approve 2007 increase in GPA required for eligibility - Sep 23

Media advisory: New version of proposal to revise UC eligibility standards - Sep 21

More than 1,500 GTO students accept freshman admission offers - Sep 3

UC finishes as 12th leading "country" in the medals race at the Athens Olympics - Sep 1

Regents act on eligibility adjustments; vote on GPA change postponed - July 15

Student researchers honored during UC Day at state capitol - May 25

Regents approve 2004-05 student fees - May 20

More students meeting UC eligibility - May 19

COSMOS adds San Diego as fourth UC campus for summer science/math program for high school students - May 4

Final report of Eligibility and Admissions Study Group - Apr. 29
> background materials (Nov. 2003- Mar. 2004)

National study: UC is best top-ranked university at enrolling low-income students - Apr 28

Fall 2004 preliminary admissions data - Apr. 20

Updated UC profiles website shows how students pay for college this year - Mar. 17

Dynes' letter to students and parents on fees - Mar. 16

UC notifies students of problems on application status web site problems - Mar. 12

UC taking applications for COSMOS, a summer math-science program for talented teens - Feb. 3

UC center welcomes first class of students to capital - Jan. 8

Employee Relations

UC statement about AB2532 (CNA "lift team" bill) - Sep 2

Statement on AFSCME contract talks - Aug 24

Statement on CUE contract talks - July 16

UC reaches tentative contract agreement with patient care employees' union; officials hopeful similar agreement for service employees is near - June 16

UC offers info technology award for faculty and staff - Apr. 16

Election results on UPTE vote - Mar. 4

National Laboratories

UC statement on Los Alamos National Laboratory management contract RFP - Dec 1

UC statement on Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory management contract RFP - Oct 15

Statement from lab management VP Foley - July 20

Nobel laureate Steven Chu named director of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory - June 17

UC statement on Department of Energy announcement to extend contract to manage Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and hold separate contract competitions for Livermore and Los Alamos National Laboratories - Jun 9

UC faculty senate endorses competition for national laboratories - May 19

Screening committee named to aid in selection process for Berkeley lab director - Apr. 13

President Dynes' web chat with Livermore staff - Mar. 30

Search committee named for Berkeley Lab director - Mar. 15

Dynes' statement on Berkeley Lab director's departure - Feb. 9

UC gets one-year contract extension for Berkeley national lab - Jan. 30

Regents' action preserves option for UC to compete for national laboratory management contracts - Jan. 14


Regents adopt budget proposal, student fees for 2005-06 - Nov 18

State budget cuts UC by 6% but restores funding for enrollment and outreach - Aug 2

State budget deal allows UC to offer freshman admission to deferred students - July 29

May Revision restores some funding to UC - May 13

Governor, UC, CSU reach long-term budget agreement - May 12

Governor's 2004-05 budget proposal contains more cuts for UC system - Jan. 9

California and the Nation

UC-Mexico collaboration supports improved healthcare policy and delivery for Mexican migrants and immigrants - Oct 11

Webcast of the California Performance Review Commission meeting at UC Riverside, Aug. 13 (10 am - 4 pm) > UC experts on government reorganization

UC web site on California economic/demographic data wins prestigious award - Jun 28

Prop 55: Voters approve funding for K-12, UC.

President Dynes' statement on voters' support of state bond propositions - Mar. 3

Regents and UC Administration

Washington engineering dean Denice Denton named UC Santa Cruz chancellor - Dec 14

UC's annual report now available online - Nov 18

Dynes' message, "Our University" newsletter - Dec 15

UC charges energy companies with manipulating natural gas prices - Nov 2

Regents' nominating committee to meet Dec. 20

Regents will meet to appoint new UC Santa Cruz chancellor on Dec. 14

UC reaches $222.5 million settlement with Lehman Brothers in Enron fraud case - Oct 29

Provost M.R.C. Greenwood receives California NOW Award for Excellence in Education - Oct 13

UC Davis law student appointed student regent for 2005-06 - Sep 22

UC recognized by federal agencies for energy efficiency achievements - Sep 9

Haim Saban resigns from UC Regents - Sep 8

Health Affairs VP Drake to receive Association of American Medical Colleges award as lifelong advocate for diversity in medicine - Aug 3

Robert J. Birgeneau appointed UC Berkeley chancellor - July 27

UC reaches settlement with Bank of America in Enron securities case - July 2

Governor appoints two new regents - July 2

UC Irvine Chancellor Ralph Cicerone nominated to presidency of National Academy of Sciences - June 15

UC Davis law student nominated as 2005-06 student regent - May 21

Parsky named chair of UC Regents for 2004-06 - May 20

President Dynes names search committee for new UC Santa Cruz chancellor - Apr. 28

Marye Anne Fox appointed UCSD chancellor - Apr. 12

President Dynes' message to UCSD community on the selection of a new chancellor - Apr. 2

Martin Chemers named acting chancellor of UC Santa Cruz - Mar. 1

Santa Cruz chancellor appointed UC provost - Feb. 23

UC adds four new defendants to Enron fraud case - Jan. 9

President Dynes names search committee for new UC Berkeley chancellor - Jan. 5

Meeting Advisories

Regents to meet at UCLA, Nov. 17-18

Regents' investment committees to meet Nov. 9

Regents' grounds and buildings committee to meet Nov. 4

Regents' health services committee to meet Oct. 12

Grounds and buildings committee to meet Sep. 21

UC Regents to meet Sep 22-23

Advisory: Regents defer eligibility-requirements topic to Sep. meeting

Investment advisory committee to meet Aug. 17

Regents to meet July 27 (2:30 pm) to appoint new Berkeley chancellor

Committees advising on UC Santa Cruz chancellor selection to meet July 27 (11:00 am)

Committees to meet about selecting new UC Santa Cruz chancellor - July 13

UC Board of Regents to meet July 14-15

Regents' grounds and buildings committee to meet June 30

Regents meet to appoint new Berkeley lab director, June 17

Advisory committee for selecting Santa Cruz chancellor to meet June 7th

UC Regents to meet May 19-20

Regents' investment advisory committee to meet May 4

Regents' nominating committee to meet Apr. 27

Regents meet to appoint new UCSD chancellor on Apr. 12

Advisory committee on Berkeley Lab director search to meet Mar. 18

Notice of special Regents' meeting Mar. 18

Regents' assignments committee to meet Mar. 17

Regents to meet on March 17-18.

Regents will meet to appoint UC provost on Feb. 23

Advisory committee to select new Berkeley chancellor to meet Feb. 18

Regents' grounds and buildings committee to meet Feb. 18

Regents' investment advisory committee to meet Feb. 11

Regents to visit UCLA campus on Feb. 5

Advisory committee to select new Berkeley chancellor to meet Jan. 28

Advisory committee to select new UCSD chancellor to meet Jan. 22

UC Regents to meet Jan 14-15


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