Friday, May 9, 2003

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UC Office of the President issues SARS guidelines to campuses

The University of California announced today (Friday, May 9) that it has issued guidelines to assist officials in the 10-campus system in assuring compliance with Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations regarding Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome.

“Since we first became aware of SARS, we have advised compliance with CDC guidelines,” said Dr. Michael Drake, vice president for health affairs.

The UC guidelines strongly advise students, faculty and staff to postpone non-essential travel to SARS affected regions until CDC travel advisories are lifted for those areas.

The guidelines instruct local UC officials to take steps to help ensure that individuals arriving at their campuses from SARS-affected areas adhere to CDC recommendations regarding self-monitoring of their health and notification of a local health care provider in the event of illness, fever or respiratory symptoms. The systemwide guidelines authorize each campus to develop local plans and policies consistent with CDC guidelines and based upon an assessment of local resources available for diagnosis, evaluation and management of symptomatic individuals.

“SARS has been controlled most effectively in areas that have acted quickly and aggressively to protect the public health,” said Dr. Drake.

UC officials have conferred with the California Department of Health Services regarding the systemwide SARS guidelines. The Department of Health Services has agreed to UC’s approach and offers a California SARS information hotline: English/Spanish (800) 550-5234; Chinese/Vietnamese (800) 750-2858; TDD (800) 550-5281.

University-wide SARS guidelines.

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