Wednesday, Oct. 23, 2002
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Uc Gives Aft Settlement Offer To Conclude Negotiations Regarding Uc Lecturers; Awaits Union's Response

After two years of negotiations with the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) on a new employment contract for UC lecturers, and after two long days of voluntary mediation in Sacramento, the University of California today (Wednesday, Oct. 23) delivered to the union a package offer aimed at concluding negotiations.

"UC lecturers are among the best compensated in the country, which reflects the university's regard for them and the critical role they play in helping UC fulfill its teaching mission," said Gayle Cieszkiewicz, executive director of UC labor relations.

"We're offering the best proposals that state funding and our academic needs permit, and we're doing everything we can to conclude these negotiations, but contract settlement take both sides and the union has to do its part," she added.

The parties met Monday and Tuesday of this week in Sacramento as part of their ongoing voluntary, pre-impasse mediation being facilitated by a state mediator and a representative from the governor's office.

During this week's talks, the university reviewed with the union the many proposal compromises and improvements UC has offered throughout the negotiations. The union did not present UC with any new comprehensive proposal of its own.

University officials today delivered to the union a formal settlement package that includes a comprehensive settlement offer conditional upon signing a new contract and an overview of the terms and conditions the university could impose should the parties not reach an agreement following impasse proceedings.

The university's settlement offer, valued at $10 to $12 million over the next three years, includes expanded eligibility of health and retirement benefits for part-time lecturers not currently eligible for coverage, enhanced job security for senior lecturers, and progressively higher salary minimums for senior lecturers (lecturers with six or more years of employment) and less senior lecturers (fewer than six years of employment) as follows:

Pre-six year lecturers
$35,868 salary minimum for 2002-03
$37,572 salary minimum for 2003-04

Post-six year lecturers
$40,200 salary minimum for 2002-03
$41,712 salary minimum for 2003-04

The union has until Friday, Oct. 25, to respond to the university's offer.

At many colleges and universities throughout the country, lecturers are paid by the course at very low wages without benefits and are strictly temporary employees, working only part-time and for no more than a few years total. Approximately 25 percent of UC lecturers have been employed at UC for over six years and are offered three-year renewable contracts, whether part-time or fulltime.

Systemwide, UC's 2,500 full- and part-time lecturers teach approximately 30 percent of the university's undergraduate classes and represent about 15 percent of UC's faculty.

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