Thursday, January 10, 2002
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UC intends to Join Fair Labor Association, continues membership in Worker Rights Consortium

The University of California today (Jan. 10) announced its intent to join the Fair Labor Association and continue its membership in the Worker Rights Consortium, two organizations maintaining oversight of working conditions for the manufacture of various products. The action is part of UC's ongoing effort to improve labor practices in companies that produce consumer products bearing the university's logos and trademarks, said Joseph P. Mullinix, UC senior vice president for business and finance. The university has licenses with more than 200 companies, including adidas, Gear for Sports, Jansport and Nike.

Since August 1998, the University of California has followed a code of conduct for trademark licensees that manufacture consumer products bearing university logos and trademarks. In January 2000, the university strengthened its code as a result of suggestions from an advisory group of faculty, students and administrators.

The code specifies for university licensees and contractors minimum workplace standards and practices related to legal compliance, ethical practices and employment standards.

"Assuring compliance with our code requires open and honest dialog with manufacturers and workers and a system of monitoring workplace conditions," Mullinix said.

He added, "Currently, there is no fully developed monitoring program on which the university can rely to assure licensee compliance with the code. However, the university is committed to work energetically towards a system that provides an assurance that compliance is being achieved.

"Membership in both organizations will enhance our ability to assure compliance with our code by participating in efforts to develop standards for internal monitoring by facilities producing products bearing the UC name, as well as processes for independent third party external monitoring of those facilities. The university is looking forward to working with both the Worker Rights Consortium and Fair Labor Association on these important issues," said Mullinix.

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