Tuesday, April 24, 2001
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Alex M. Saragoza to Step Down as UC Vice President for Educational Outreach

Alex M. Saragoza, who for the last 10 months has served as the University of California’s systemwide vice president for educational outreach, announced today (Tuesday, April 24) his resignation, effective June 30, 2001. “Dr. Saragoza has made many important contributions to the university’s outreach efforts, and while I believe his decision was a necessary one, I accept his resignation with great personal regret,” said UC President Richard C. Atkinson.
Saragoza’s resignation letter read as follows:

Dear President Atkinson,

I am writing to resign my position as Vice President, Educational Outreach, effective June 30, 2001. I am concerned that my efforts to advance the university's educational outreach initiatives have been compromised by recent outside events. Therefore, I have concluded that it is in the best interest of the work of educational outreach for me to step down.

I am extremely grateful to you for your support and for the opportunity to make a contribution to the university's goals for educational outreach. I have been especially gratified by the commitment and passion of the people involved in this effort here at the Office of the President as well as on the campuses to realize your vision to bring educational equity to students of all backgrounds in this state. I trust that you will find that, under my stewardship, the department has advanced the university's goals to improve educational access to higher education for all students in California.


Alex M. Saragoza

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