Tuesday, April 18, 2000
Brad Hayward (510) 987-9195


The University of California Office of the President issued the following statement today (April 18) regarding the University’s labor negotiations with the United Auto Workers.


The University of California and the United Auto Workers have been in mediation for the last several weeks in an effort to reach agreement on a contract for teaching assistants, readers, tutors and other academic student employees. Significant progress has been made, and the parties agreed early this morning to extend the mediation process a third time. The mediation is continuing today, and the University is hopeful that further progress will be made.

The union has called a one-day strike today. We do not understand the need for a strike given the progress that has been occurring. A strike will not influence the University’s negotiating position and can only be a distraction from the real process of achieving a contract. Furthermore, the union’s accusations of unfair labor practices by the University are unfounded.

The University values the contributions of academic student employees to the UC educational community and remains focused on reaching agreement with the UAW.

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