Tuesday, April 11, 2000
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Building on a relationship that dates back several decades, the University of California is expanding its exchange program with the Complutense University in Madrid to enhance research projects of mutual interest to California and Spain, the director of UC's Education Abroad Program announced today (April 11).

"The two institutions have a long-standing relationship of student and scholarly exchange, which is enhanced by their equal prominence as research institutions," said the director, John A. Marcum. "This collaborative research program is a sign of increasing cooperation between the two institutions."

The collaboration, called the New Del Amo Program, is named in honor of Gregorio del Amo, a well-known Southern California physician and philanthropist who emigrated from Spain in the late 1880s and worked to increase academic collaboration between California and his native Spain. Del Amo was a Complutense alumnus.

Program funds will be provided by Complutense and UC to support joint research lead by their faculty.

The New Del Amo Program will encourage research projects in all disciplines, based on a memorandum of understanding signed between Complutense and UC last November.

Proposals for 2000-01 projects are due by May 31, 2000. Awards range from $5,000 grants to facilitate collaboration among faculty and researchers to $20,000 for joint team projects.

Projects, to be co-directed by a researcher from both UC and Complutense, are expected to lead to: Development of major, long-term collaborations; significant advancement of scholarship in the arts, humanities, natural sciences and social sciences; strengthening of academic and research capabilities of both participating groups; development of innovative binational instruction or new courses or programs; and/or public service and education programs addressing critical issues in Spain or the United States.

One third of the award funds will be devoted to a bilateral core project or theme, which, for the first period, will be processes of integration and globalization.

The Humanities Research Institute at UC Irvine will serve as the UC home for the New Del Amo Program. In Madrid, the program will be administered through the Office of the Vice-Rector for International Affairs. Program oversight is maintained by an executive steering committee of faculty from each university.

For additional information and application materials, please contact the Humanities Research Institute via e-mail to <>. Also, information will soon be available on the HRI Web site at <>.

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