Monday, May 15, 2000
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Gov. Gray Davis today (May 15) issued the "May Revision" to his 2000-01 state budget proposal. Major items affecting the University of California include the following:

  • $600 million in funding from proposed lease-revenue bonds for earthquake-safety renovations at UC’s five teaching hospitals. The hospitals would help repay the debt to the extent their financial circumstances allow. Also, $50 million in General Fund money is provided for non-seismic infrastructure needs at the teaching hospitals.
  • $12 million for staff compensation increases, primarily to help UC address market-based salary lags.
  • $50 million to expand access to Internet2. Of this amount, $18 million is provided to expand Internet2 access at UC campuses, and $32 million is provided to expand access at K-12 schools in California by utilizing regional hubs located at county offices of education.
  • $44 million, provided to the Wildlife Conservation Board and the Department of Fish and Game, to foster the development of UC Merced in environmentally sensitive ways. This allocation will fund the development and implementation of various natural resources conservation plans, along with acquisition of acreage in eastern Merced County to help ensure protection of wetlands and wildlife. An additional $5 million is provided to UC to accelerate working drawings for the first two buildings at UC Merced.
  • $35 million to fund exceptional needs in deferred maintenance and instructional equipment.
  • $18.8 million to increase the duration of the UC-led Professional Development Institutes for teachers of mathematics and English-language learners in California’s public schools.
  • $1.1 million to provide scholarships for the Governor’s Teacher Scholars Program, which provides a teaching credential and master’s degree to candidates who agree to teach in urban or hard-to-staff schools for four years upon completion of the program.
  • $1 million to expand high schools’ access to UC’s online Advanced Placement courses.

"The governor has focused on some areas of high priority to the university and the state," said Larry Hershman, UC vice president for budget. "These augmentations will help UC expand its work with the public schools, improve compensation for staff employees and address critical facilities needs, particularly in the university’s health-care facilities."

UC officials will provide a full report on the May Revision to the Board of Regents on Thursday.

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