Wednesday, May 10, 2000
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The University of California and the United Auto Workers (UAW) have reached tentative agreement on contracts at each of UC’s eight general campuses for teaching assistants, readers, tutors and certain other academic student employees, the university announced today (May 10).

"We are pleased to have reached agreement with the union," said UC President Richard C. Atkinson. "The parties have worked long and hard to make compromises and craft a mutually acceptable resolution."

Atkinson thanked Marty Morgenstern, director of the state Department of Personnel Administration, for serving as mediator during the negotiations. "His role was crucial in helping the parties make progress toward an agreement," Atkinson said.

The negotiations resulted in an estimated 9.5 percent salary increase over a multi-year period for academic student employees. This increase consists of an immediate 1.5 percent salary range adjustment, in addition to the 2 percent increase provided in October 1999, followed by range adjustments in October 2000, 2001 and 2002 that are anticipated to be 2 percent each, depending upon state allocations.

The university, which now provides 60 percent remission of mandatory systemwide student fees for eligible graduate academic student employees, will increase that figure to 75 percent in fall 2000, 85 percent in fall 2001 and 100 percent by fall 2002.

Other features of the tentative deal, which would expire in September 2003, include an agreement by the union not to strike for the duration of the contract and the creation of an internal process that uses Academic Senate faculty to resolve disputes regarding the workload of academic student employees.

"We believe this is an agreement that is fair to academic student employees, that is within the resources available to us and that recognizes the central role of the faculty in maintaining UC’s standards of academic excellence," Atkinson said.

Tentative agreement was reached at the conclusion of a series of negotiating sessions in Sacramento that followed six weeks of voluntary mediation.

Because bargaining units for academic student employees are campus-based rather than systemwide, the agreement will be reflected in eight essentially identical contracts, one for each of UC’s general campuses. Ratification votes of the union membership will be held at each campus over the course of the next week, according to the UAW.

Affiliates of the UAW were elected in the spring of 1999 to represent approximately 9,400 academic student employees at UC campuses. Systemwide negotiations for a first-time contract began in September 1999.

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