February 19, 1999
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Michelle Pannor, a senior at UC Berkeley, has been nominated for appointment to a one-year term as student regent on the University of California Board of Regents.

Pannor, from Woodland Hills in the San Fernando Valley, is a mass communications/conservation resource studies major who has served on a number of boards and commissions at UC Berkeley. Among them are the Committee on Student Fees, the Chancellorís Exploratory Committee on Continuous Improvement where she was the only student member, the Berkeley Art Museum Council and the University Parking and Transportation Board.

In addition, she has coordinated some 50 hirings annually as chair of the Hiring Commission for the University Studentsí Cooperative, worked as a peer counselor, led focus groups on what issues are important to UC students and participated in food drives and safety programs in Berkeley.

Pannor is currently the student liaison for the vice chancellor of undergraduate affairs and leads the Student Advisory Committee to the vice chancellor. In that position, she created a Web page of resources available to fellow students in Berkeley and surrounding communities.

"I hope that we can effectively deal with issues of access, resources, technologies and diversity in a way that maintains UCís current high quality," Pannor said after her nomination. "Iím really looking forward to serving."

The University of California Student Association submits nominations to the Regentsí Special Committee on Selection of a Student Regent. Pannor was chosen from about 80 nominees from the nine UC campuses.

Pannorís nomination is expected to be confirmed by the full board at its meeting March 18-19. If confirmed, she would have full voting privileges on the 26-member board.

The one-year term for the student regent begins July 1. Until then, the student sits on the board as a regent-designate, serving as an advisory member of committees and attending board meetings, which are held nine times a year.

The last student regent from the Berkeley campus was Jess Bravin, a law student who served in 1996-97. Pannor would become the sixth student regent from UC Berkeley since the position was created in 1975 and replace Max R. Espinosa, a senior at UCLA.


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