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Headlines from 1999

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Research and Faculty

Fourteen UC faculty elected to National Academy of Sciences (May 4, 1999) Full text

Students and Admissions

UC launches Principal Leadership Institutes (Nov. 18, 1999) Full text
Search begins for "missing" UC alumni (Nov. 16, 1999) Full text. Go to the alumni Web site.
President Atkinson's statement on the decision of Stanford University to withdraw from UCSF Stanford Health Care (Oct. 28, 1999) Full text
UC working to meet challenge of "Tidal Wave II" (Oct. 14, 1999) Full text and fact sheet. Go to the "Tidal Wave II" Web site.
UC Washington Center ground breaking (Oct. 12, 1999) Full text
CDL unveils advances in accessing scholarly information (July 8, 1999) Full text
CDL gets extensive databases for literature and periodicals for use by computer for students and faculty (April 5, 1999) Full text
Increase for fall 1999 in admitted students intending to register (May 25, 1999) Full text, Table 1, Table 2
Report cites widening UC undergraduate research opportunities (May 20, 1999) Full text
UC admits nearly 47,000 for fall 1999 (April 2, 1999) Full text with admission totals by ethnicity and gender
Regents adopt new eligibility plan (March 19, 1999) Full text
UC Berkeley senior Michelle Pannor nominated to one-year term as student Regent (Feb. 19, 1999) Full text
UC prepares for growing enrollments (Feb. 19, 1999) Full text
UC, College Board to offer PSAT as early as eighth grade in joint outreach effort (Feb. 12, 1999) Full text
CDL acquires data from the Web of Science (Feb. 3, 1999) Full text
Applications increase for fall 1999 (Jan. 20, 1999) Full text

Employee Relations

UC, UPTE-CWA reach tentative contract agreement for research support professionals (July 12, 1999) Full text
UC, CNA reach tentative contract agreement for nurses (May 27, 1999) Full text
UC establishes advisory group on trademark licensing (April 21, 1999) Full text

National Laboratories

UC officials take action in Los Alamos investigation (Sept. 10, 1999) Full text


Regents approve 2000-01 budget proposal (Nov. 19, 1999) Full text
UC president's 2000-01 budget plan seeks funding for more students, quality programs (Oct. 14, 1999) Full text
Final 1999-2000 state budget invests in UC access, quality, affordability (June 29, 1999) Full text

California and the Nation

California Digital Library (CDL) receives $1.5 million to support the Online Archive of California (Nov. 9, 1999) Full text
Gov. Davis, President Zedillo endorse Internet2 link between California and Mexico (May 20, 1999) Full text
UC to maintain Web site for California Virtual University (March 25, 1999) Full text  
CDL opens its public digital doors at http://www.cdlib.org (Jan. 19, 1999) Full text

Regents and UC Administration

UC president appoints state Advisory Group on Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal (Oct. 21, 1999) Full text. Go to the Advisory Group Web page.
California House opens in London (Oct. 18, 1999) Full text
Carol Tomlinson-Keasey named first UC Merced chancellor (July 15, 1999) Full text

Meeting Advisories


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