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Wednesday, November 4, 1998
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Approval of Proposition 1A by California voters will provide critically needed funding for the construction and renovation of University of California facilities, UC President Richard C. Atkinson said today (Nov. 4).

"This is a major breakthrough for UC," Atkinson said. "The passage of this bond measure is a strong endorsement for education from California’s voters. The university has been counting on the funding from this measure because most of our facilities projects planned for the coming years depend upon it.

"Proposition 1A will substantially boost our efforts to provide the safe, up-to-date classrooms and laboratories needed for UC to produce the workforce and generate the ideas that will help California remain economically competitive," Atkinson added.

The $9.2 billion bond measure includes $2.5 billion for public higher education facilities, an amount to be shared equally by UC, the California State University system and the California Community Colleges over a four-year period. In 1998-99 alone, Proposition 1A will fund 19 UC facilities projects on all nine of the university’s campuses.

UC will use Proposition 1A funding to strengthen university buildings against earthquakes, renovate aging classroom and laboratory buildings, and modernize outdated infrastructure. The measure also will fund construction of new facilities to house expanding UC programs in engineering and the sciences and to help accommodate the 45,000 additional students projected to enroll at UC by 2010.

Proposition 1A also is expected to provide $55 million, beginning in 2000-01, for initial infrastructure and facilities at the university’s planned 10th campus, UC Merced. The university will continue to seek additional capital funding that will be necessary in order to open the new campus as scheduled in 2005.

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