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Tuesday, November 3, 1998
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University of California faculty are among the most frequently cited in scholarly journals throughout the world, according to a independent national science group.

The Philadelphia-based Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) has just published a list of how often professors’ research papers were cited in a total of 21 science and social science fields from 1993 through 1997.

The Institute examined 16,000 international journals, books and professional conference proceedings to determine which papers were cited most frequently. When the results were tallied, the University of California's faculty claimed three of the top 11 positions as "high impact" U.S. research universities in the institute's national ranking.

Christopher King, editor of the institute's newsletter ScienceWatch, said the survey results are a direct measurement of how important professors in the field believe a work to be. The survey counts both the number of times research papers were published and how often those papers are cited in research conducted by other scholars throughout the world. It divides each university’s total citations in a discipline by the number of papers the school produced in that discipline to obtain each university’s average citations-per-paper – or "impact."

The Institute's newsletter tracks trends and performance in the top 100 federally funded research universities. Fields covered by the survey include biology, clinical medicine, engineering, law, mathematics, neuroscience, physics and biology.

"We were pleased to see the Institute for Scientific Information's work demonstrates once again the high regard that the world's top scientists and researchers have for the work being done at the University of California," said UC Provost C. Judson King.

UC faculty most often cited by worldwide scholars, according to the Institute's study, were from UC Berkeley, UC Santa Barbara and UC San Diego, ranking respectively in the seventh, ninth and 11th positions nationally.

Harvard University was the most-cited institution, followed by Stanford, the California Institute of Technology, Yale, the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and UC Berkeley.