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Thursday, September 24, 1998
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Media Advisory
Subject: Final enrollment statistics on first-year students at UC medical schools

The make-up of the University of California's first-year medical school students remained relatively unchanged from fall 1997. UC's five medical schools enroll 569 new students each year.

Systemwide increases were recorded among Mexican-American/Chicano, Asian-American/Pacific Islander and Latino/Other Hispanic students. First-year Mexican-American/Chicano students increased from 39 in 1997 to 45 in 1998. Asian American/Pacific Islanders increased from 201 to 214; Latino/Other Hispanic students increased from 13 to 17.  There were declines among white, African-American, American Indians and  Puerto Rican (mainland) students. First-year white students declined from  272 to 248; African Americans dropped from 27 to 24; American Indians  dropped from 4 to 3 and Puerto Ricans (mainland) declined from 1 to 0.  The number of students who declined to state an ethnicity increased from 12 to 18.

The total number of underrepresented students as defined by the American Association of Medical Colleges - Mexican American/Chicanos, African Americans, American Indians and Puerto Ricans (mainland) - increased from 71 in 1997 to 72 in 1998. To obtain the admissions data from 1995-98, view MedTable 1.

For more details on campus results please contact the appropriate medical school public information office.