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Friday, December 18, 1998
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The University of California announced Thursday (Dec. 17) that it will continue to operate the Continuing Education of the Bar (CEB) as a result of the program's improved financial performance and revitalization of its programs.

The turn around was accomplished under the new management team of Interim  Director Craig Conly and Interim Co-Director Pamela Jester. During the last year, CEB, which operates under a joint agreement between the university and the California State Bar, has reduced the debt owed to the university from a high of $12.8 million in 1996 to $10.8 million in 1998.
"We are very impressed with all the work that CEB managers and staff have done," said University of California Provost C. Judson King. "They have looked at every product, every procedure and practice and have made changes which not only have resulted in substantially better financial performance, but have brought CEB back to its core business of providing high quality products and programs to California's attorneys."
To ensure CEB's ongoing success and ability to meet established measures necessary to ensure its continuation, Provost King will appoint a finance committee. Its responsibilities will include monitoring CEB's financial performance, serving as a sounding board for new ideas and helping establish a repayment schedule for its debt to the university.

CEB is California's largest provider of continuing legal education for the state's 125,000 attorneys. Founded in 1947, it publishes over 200 high
quality legal publications, presents approximately 75 education programs throughout the state in more than 550 live and videotape sessions, and serves approximately 50,000 customers annually, including over 8,000 law firms, libraries, and state agencies.
The department's turnaround followed a review committee recommendation either to sell CEB or give managers an opportunity to turn it around.