Take Charge: Developing a Career Strategy

UCOP program for administrative and support staff

"Take Charge: developing a career strategy" is a six-month program designed specifically for administrative and support staff. The intent of the program is to provide the participants with tools to better manage and direct their careers. It is sponsored by Human Resources Learning & Development. 

The content of the program is designed to meet the unique needs of administrative and support staff. The program consists of five two-hour sessions that focus on Career Management including self-assessment/Resume Writing, and Networking /Interviewing , Managing Up, Promoting Yourself, and Negotiation Techniques,. The program also includes self-guided assignments and peer mentoring.

Who can participate?

All administrative and support staff are encouraged to apply for participation in the program.
Individuals will need the support of their supervisors as a part of the application process. Up to 16 individuals will be selected to participate.

What is the process?

Individuals, with their supervisor’s approval, will apply for participation in the program.

Criteria for selection include:

  • Being a career employee who has completed the probationary period;
  • Having a “meets expectation”  performance rating or above;
  • Expressing a desire to learn new skills that will assist the applicant as he or she plans and manages his or her career; and
  • Committing to attending all scheduled sessions and completing the homework assignments.