Planning your recruitment

Assess staffing needs

Determine if there is a vacancy to be filled. Positions are posted to fill current or projected vacancies where the previous incumbent has given notice or is no longer in the position. Determine whether to recruit, restructure or reorganize; determine the type of appointment you need - Career, Limited, Contract, etc. See the Appointment Options Chart (pdf) for more information.

Situations when recruitment is not required to fill a position are specified under Exceptions to Recruitment in Personnel Policy for Staff Members, Recruitment 20.B. See Waiver of recruitment for more details.

Determine duties to be performed and requirements to perform those duties. The required skills, knowledge and experience for a position are posted when the position is recruited. These requirements serve as the basis for creating the interview questions, selecting the best qualified candidate, and both documenting and defending the selection. All interviewees are required to meet all the posted requirements so it is important that the requirements are realistic, specific and measurable.

Once the duties and requirements are defined, create a position description in CATS and submit it for departmental and Compensation approval. If you need access to CATS, send an e-mail to In the CATS system the duties, requirements and departmental information move directly from the approved position description onto the posting screen. Once Compensation approves the position description, you Create a Posting in CATS and submit it for Departmental approval. Please see the Job Posting Flowchart (pdf) and the CATS Posting Tips (pdf) for assistance in creating a posting.

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Determine recruiting strategy

Applicants with recall or preferential rehire, medical separation, or reasonable accommodation rights at UCOP or UCB who meet the minimum requirements of a position will need to be considered prior to the publication of the posting. Employment & Staffing Services will determine if there is anyone eligible for recall or rehire at UCOP or UCB.

All advertising of UCOP positions is reviewed by Employment & Staffing Services to ensure consistency and compliance with UCOP, UC, State and Federal requirements.

When the recruiter receives the email notification that the posting has been submitted to HR for review, they will call you to discuss whether and how you want to advertise and/or outreach the position. They will explain the free websites (CalJobs, HERC, HotJobs) on which we post all jobs, and will coordinate all of your external and UC campus courtesy advertising. They will arrange for quotes from the recruitment advertising agency, send the ad to you for proofing, and request an account number to charge. The recruiter may also be able to give you advice on which sites will gain you the most visibility for your position. When you have a team planning a recruitment, and you want to document the decisions, a Recruitment Plan form (pdf | doc) will be useful.


UCOP normally recruits both within and outside its workforce to obtain a diverse pool of qualified applicants. See the Posting Decision Matrix (pdf) and the paragraph below on internal recruitments to decide on the scope of a recruitment. Because decisions regarding postings will vary with management needs, internal communication with employees about needs, positions, and posting decisions will foster greater employee understanding and sense of fairness.

To support career progress of qualified internal candidates, recruitments may be limited to employees only at UC, UCOP or a Division or Department as long as the recruitment is consistent with equal employment and affirmative action objectives, and will result in a diverse pool of candidates. Or, if the requirements of a position are such that only internal applicants would meet the minimum qualifications of the position, you may want to limit the recruitment. Internal recruitments must be approved by the Chief Human Resources Officer in consultation with the UCOP Affirmative Action Officer. If the position is in a job group that is underutilized, justification may be required for posting internal only. Evidence of a diverse applicant feeder pool or a diverse applicant pool from a past internal recruitment for the same classification may be needed to verify that the position can attract a viable, diverse pool of candidates. Internal recruitments will be open to all employees holding Career, Limited, and Contract appointments in the eligible group, including layoff applicants exercising preferential re-hire rights.

For information on re-hiring retired UC employees, see Returning retirees.

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Posting requirements

The Employment recruiter will post the position on the UCOP Jobs Page for the standard two (PSS) or three (MSP) weeks unless you request a longer period. You will receive an e-mail notification when the job is posted. When a department posts a position they are required to honor the posted close date by considering all the applicants in the pool before making an offer. For example, if they extend a position two weeks and are concurrently interviewing, they need to consider all resumes received up to the posted close date before they make an offer, and they may not make an offer until after the posted close date.  If they have a candidate they are very interested in, they should have a discussion with them and explain the timeframe they are working within.

Once a posting passes the initial posting period we recommend extending the posting no longer than two weeks at a time. Once a viable candidate surfaces you will want to interview and make the offer as soon as possible so a shorter posting timeframe will be helpful.

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Shortening the posting period

If a hiring manager wants to reduce the standard posting period for a specific position, a written request must be submitted to the Manager-Employment & Staffing Services, and reference an existing circumstance beyond the department's control, i.e. a business deadline that can't be changed. The purpose of the standard posting period is to provide sufficient time to attract a qualified, diverse pool of candidates to fulfill equal employment opportunity.

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Reposting a position

A department may re-open a position within six months from the original posting date. If it has been more than a month since the position was posted, a note is added, "This posting has been reposted as of (date), and previous applicants need not reapply." If the department wants to re-post a position after six months from the original posting date, they need to create a new position, send it through for review by Compensation, and then post with the note "Position previously posted as Job Number XXXXXXXX. Previous applicants need not reapply."

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Viable applicant pools

If a position becomes vacant within six months after the full recruitment of another position at the same classification with the same job duties and requirements, the department may make a selection from the original applicant pool. A new position description needs to be submitted and approved to record the new position and hire.

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Closing a posting

CATS is designed to manage web postings by removing them from the web on the close date entered in the system and sending an automatic e-mail notification to the hiring manager. When you receive the notification, you review the applicant pool to verify that you have a diverse, qualified set of candidates to interview. If not, the position needs to be reposted until a sufficient pool has been received. If the posting needs to be extended please send an e-mail to the Employment & Staffing Services staff.

Normally, the position is taken off the web when the close date is reached and a sufficient interview pool is received. We do not recommend using Open Until Filled close dates. Our experience has been that offers have been extended before the posting was removed from the web, and this action resulted in resumes received before the offer was made not being considered for the position. These actions have left UCOP open to complaints and possible lawsuits by applicants for not considering a resume received before the posting is removed from the web. Also, in CATS the Open Until Filled status does not trigger a notification reminder to managers to review the resumes, and our experience has been that sometimes this leads to busy managers not reviewing resumes in a timely manner and losing out on potential candidates.

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