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UC learning center location representatives

The Location Representatives are working to ensure the successful implementation of the UC Learning Center at all UC locations. For more information on the rollout at your location, please contact one of the following representatives:

Campus Locations

Tessa Michaels

Carina Celesia Moore

Davis Medical Center
Susan Summers

Carmen Roode

Irvine Medical Center
Jean Skau

Los Angeles
Robert Gibson

Los Angeles Medical Center
Jeri Simpson

Freya Foley

Sue Anderson

San Diego
Grace Balch

San Diego Medical Center
Tamitha Mueller

San Francisco
Don Diettinger

San Francisco Medical Center
Julie Cox

Santa Barbara
Pam Lombardo

Santa Cruz
Barbara Perman

Other UC Locations

Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Brian Oatman

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Cynthia Coolahan

Environmental Health and Safety Officers (Systemwide)
Tim Bean

Risk Management (Systemwide)
Karen Vecchi

LMS Project Manager (UCOP)
Shawn Baglin 


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