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a new system to meet UC's online Training needs

Over the years, new laws and regulations and a boom of information and technology have increased the demand at the University of California to train and update faculty and staff at its campuses, medical center and laboratories across the state. The training tasks at times have been overwhelming, but thanks to the new UC Learning Center and learning management system, training the 150,000 will now be more controllable, consistent and, at times, literally at your fingertips.

The UC Learning Center will allow UC locations to create and host online training events, deliver and track courses, and manage the data to meet the University’s compliance training needs.  The system will also give UC locations the means to manage their own online and instructor-led training. 

Many Advantages for UC

There are many issues and policies at UC that necessitate training of staff and faculty. General compliance briefing, conflict of interest, IT security, financial aid administration, laboratory research practices, work skills analysis, career development and succession planning are among topics considered for training.

How UC Benefits

The new UC Learning Center with its comprehensive LMS will:

  • Make it easier to create and deploy systemwide and local training content
  • Offer a consistent web-based platform
  • Improve tracking and reporting of training events
  • Reduce dependency on vendor-managed programs
  • Offer the ability to share training courses and resources throughout the UC system
  • Present locations the opportunity to modify the look of their LMS and manage autonomously from the core LMS
  • Allow creation and assignment of individual development plans


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