Institutional Research staff work across a wide range of subject areas. We handle questions regarding data, reports and analytics in the subject areas listed below. For more about our services, please see our service menu.

For all other operational and policy-related questions, please contact the appropriate UCOP department.

Subject Area
IR Contact
IR Policy & Practice  
  IR Leadership Rosemary Chengson
  Data Warehouse Charles Drucker
  Executive Decision Support Rosemary Chengson
  Accountability Data Ryan Chan
  Academic Preparation Tongshan Chang
  Graduate Admissions Chris Furgiuele
  Undergraduate Admissions Tongshan Chang
  Faculty and Staff Rosemary Chengson
  Undergraduate Students Tongshan Chang
  Academic Graduate and Professional
Degree Students
Chris Furgiuele
  Academic Personnel/Faculty Compensation Rosemary Chengson
  Faculty Hiring/Startup Rosemary Chengson
  Faculty Instructional Activity Chris Furgiuele
  Staff Personnel/Staff Compensation Rosemary Chengson
  Staff Programs Rosemary Chengson
  UC Employee Benefits Rosemary Chengson
  Workforce Profile Rosemary Chengson
  Eligibility Tongshan Chang
  Graduate Enrollment Chris Furgiuele
  Registration Data Chris Furgiuele
  Undergraduate Enrollment Chris Furgiuele
Financial Aid  
  Annual Reports Chris Furgiuele
  Financial Aid Inventories Chris Furgiuele
  Student Fees Rosemary Chengson
Sponsored Research  
  Extramural Funding & Sponsorship Charles Drucker
  Faculty and Industry Research Profiles Charles Drucker
  Private Support Charles Drucker
  Research Contracts & Grants Charles Drucker
Student Success  
  Completions Tongshan Chang
  Degrees Chris Furgiuele
  Progress Tongshan Chang
Survey Research  
  University of California Undergraduate
Experience Survey (UCUES) Administration
Tongshan Chang
  Student Experience in the Research
University (SERU) Consortium
Tongshan Chang
  Survey Project Support Tongshan Chang
UC Finance and Budget  
  Facilities Rosemary Chengson
  Investments Rosemary Chengson
  Systemwide Budget Rosemary Chengson