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We provide a wide range of information and analysis to UCOP executives, departments and the university community. The list below describes the types of functions we perform and services we provide.

Many requests for information can be satisfied through the UC InfoCenter. For all other inquiries, please visit our Staff by subject area page to learn about our staff members' areas of specialization and send the appropriate person an e-mail.

Analysis & reporting

  • Survey research
  • Impact assessment
  • Predictive modeling
  • Routine & standard reporting
  • Ad hoc data collection, analysis & reporting
  • Report repository
  • Self-service & data access tools
  • Cross-divisional research coordination
  • Results presentation

Data stewardship

  • Regular data collection
  • Data quality assessment
  • UCOP Data Warehouse

IR policy & practice

  • Support for planning and policy development
  • Database documentation
  • Analysis & reporting standards
  • Best practices in IR

External monitoring

  • External data collection & analysis
  • External reporting
    • IPEDS
    • NSF Research & Expenditures Survey
    • US News