Quick Q & A

July 15, 2014

  1. What is the UC Computing Services Conference – is there anything that you’re particularly excited about?
    First, I was fortunate to be a part of the evaluation team for the Sautter awards. This year's applications were very strong, and I am very excited to announce the winners at the conference, and to share those best practices with others throughout the system. Second, I'm excited to talk about the IT Leadership Council’s work on collaboration. I’ll put a challenge out to the organization to drive more collaboration across the different locations. This is one of IT’s most important strategies for the future.
  2. What current technology initiatives are underway to improve UC?
    We don't need to talk about UCPath; everyone knows about that. But what may not be visible for many people are the projects at UC locations that are moving the needle on the way we utilize technology to run the university. For example, UC Irvine and UC Berkeley both are embarking on major student system replacements. UCSD is the first campus to pursue big data cyber-infrastructure in a significant way, and this is likely to expand to most or all campuses. The five medical centers are working together to find ways to improve the operational efficiency. The CIOs are central to these conversations. I could go on and on... I am thinking hard about developing a better way to show the real scope of IT activities across the system.
  3. How is ITS participating in the Community College Transfer Initiative?
    ITS started its participation in the initiative at the outset, when I was asked to join the president's Transfer Action Team. That gave us a unique opportunity to be involved in the discussion from the very beginning, and we were able to develop recommendations where IT can play a role. The president feels very strongly about this initiative, and she volunteered UC to lead the intersegmental work around transfer students. UC is facilitating the discussion about building student databases and information portals to make the process easier and more streamlined for students. This program is still building momentum, but I think it will be a significant win for the IT community in the long run - and I don't just mean for ITS. In addition to our team, UC Davis and UC Irvine are playing roles in the development of technology-enabled solutions.