Calendar highlights

LLNL and the National Ignition Facility
August 29, 2014
Lawrence Livermore National Lab

llnlI accompanied Bill Tucker, interim vice president for research, to Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) to discuss how we can strengthen UC’s working relationship with the lab. Bill was focused on their tech transfer practices and partner relationships with industry, and I was especially interested in their high-performance computing capabilities (HPC).  LLNL is known for its massive computing scale, ability to expand to next-generation architectures, and cybersecurity expertise. LLNL and UC have been associated for a long time, and the relationships among the researchers run very deep. LLNL CIO Doug East and Fred Streitz, head of high-performance computing, have opened a dialog with several campuses to utilize the HPC clusters outside the lab's firewalls. We also toured the National Ignition Facility, which is an amazing piece of hardware that enables scientists to work on creating stars in the laboratory through nuclear fusion. Just another example of the amazing science going on across UC that blows your mind.

Luminaries at a Tech Conference
August 28, 2014
San Francisco

luminaries at tech conferenceI attended the Nexenta OpenSDx Summit in San Francisco where President Napolitano was a featured speaker. She emphasized the importance of basic research and higher education’s significant contributions to basic research.  She also talked about UC's strong track record in access, innovation, and placement in national university rankings. Later in the day, I participated in a panel discussing trends in cloud computing, mobility, and end-user empowerment. The conference highlights were a keynote speech from Hillary Clinton and a presentation from Gunther Dissertori, the lead physicist at CERN (home of the Large Hadron Collider) in Switzerland.  See my tweets from the day, @Andriola_UC, plus the picture of Nexenta CEO presenting Mrs. Clinton with a pair of orange Converse sneakers.

IT Innovation Awards
August 5, 2014

gold award winnersI attended the annual UC Computing Services Conference held this year at UCSF, August 4-5, and also had the pleasure of presenting the UC IT Leadership Council’s Sautter Awards for Innovation in Information Technology. Be sure to read the announcement and look over all the applications on the Sautter Awards Program website. (You can watch a video of my opening remarks at the conference.) UC IT is doing a lot of great work! The photo shows a UCD team receiving a Sautter Golden Award for their project, Building a Service-oriented Culture. Pictured are (l-r) Caryn DeMoura, Ahna Heller, Minor Rojas, Arnaud Menut, Quico Gonzalez, and Anita Nichols, and me. I’d like to encourage everyone to begin thinking now about projects to submit for Sautter awards next year. Let’s see if every UC location can be represented in the application pool!