Data Center

The UCOP Data Center team operates a 24 x 7 secure, environmentally controlled facility for housing and operating Universitywide mission-critical systems, all UCOP computing services (such as the corporate systems, the data warehouses, and the loan program), and some campus computing services. Key University systems managed and operated in the Data Center include the UC Retirement System, nine location payroll systems, applyUC, At Your Service Online, California Digital Library systems, and three campus Effort Reporting Systems.

Computer Operations/Helpdesk. The Computer Operations / Helpdesk team provides 7 x 24 x 365 operational and monitoring support for the UCOP Data Center and various UCOP customers. The team monitors the UCOP network infrastructure and assists ITS units with triaging or resolving system and/or application issues.

The team manages and operates the following applications:

  • Payroll/Personnel System (PPS)
  • applyUC Undergraduate Admissions Application
  • UC Retirement System
  • Corporate Data Warehouse
  • Endowment and Investment Accounting System
  • UC Treasurer's Investment System
  • UCOP Web Site

The team monitors services to ensure systems and applications meet customer requirements, and coordinates hardware and software installation and upgrades with appropriate ITS, UCOP, and campus groups.

In addition, the team manages all facility-related activities that support the Data Center environment, including HVAC and UPS systems, and physical security.

Disaster Recovery. Data Center personnel helped develop and manage the reciprocal UCOP and UCSD disaster recovery program, which allows for shared, real-time disaster recovery services for each entity’s Data Center operations. In the event of a disaster at one location, the other can recover and run key systems with assistance from its own personnel at significantly lower cost and with increased capability than using external disaster recovery vendors. The Data Center operates all UC San Diego and some UC Irvine disaster recovery systems.