Payroll, Personnel, and Effort Reporting Systems

The Payroll, Personnel and Effort Reporting Systems group maintains, enhances, and supports the University's Payroll/Personnel System (PPS), Effort Reporting System (ERS), and related personnel applications such as the Title Code System (TCS). The unit also provides hosting services for UC locations wishing to outsource operation of the Payroll/Personnel System (PPS) and the Effort Reporting System (ERS).

The Payroll/Personnel System is the mechanism by which employees are paid, tax records are maintained, financial charges calculated, and union eligibility and dues are managed. PPS also collects data for the UC Retirement System, handles insurance enrollments and premium assessments, acts as a repository for demographic data, and does extensive reporting. PPS is primarily a mainframe-based system but increasingly relies on a web service architecture to support web-based user interface applications.

The development team provides regular software updates for PPS as a result of a variety of factors, including legal mandates, changes to the University's health and welfare benefits, renegotiated contracts with labor unions, and customer-requested enhancements to provide new functions or interfaces. The Payroll/Personnel System interfaces with the Corporate Data Warehouse, the UC Retirement System, At Your Service Online, and the Senior Leadership Information System, among other payroll and human resources-related systems. It also interfaces with systems run by external entities such as labor unions, insurance carriers, Fidelity Investments (the University's master record keeper for employees' retirement-related investments), and state and federal tax agencies.

The unit hosts the payroll system for nine locations: UCB, UCD, UCI, UCR, UCSB, UCSC, UCSD, Hastings College of the Law, and the ASUCLA. The unit tests and installs payroll releases and supports regularly scheduled production processing. It also adapts the University base payroll system to respond to local campus needs. More information about payroll operations services for the campuses is available.

The Effort Reporting System (ERS) is a compliance mechanism by which "effort" or personnel time spent on federally sponsored projects is certified per federal regulation. IR&C developed the system at the request of the campuses to modernize the University's effort reporting process so as to avoid significant audit disallowances or rulings for financial settlements against the University. Five campuses use the system; IR&C provides hosting services for three locations in production.

The unit also maintains and enhances the Corporate Title Code System (TCS), which defines and stores University payroll titles and provides updates to campuses.