Skype Desktop Videoconferencing

Availability: UCOP

Service Description
Skype is an application that enables people to conduct inexpensive desktop videoconferencing. To use Skype, customers need a microphone, speakers/headphone, and Webcam. Skype is best used for one-to-one conferencing.

How to Order
Use the Service Hub to request installation of the Skype application.

How to Request Support
The vendor is responsible for providing technical assistance. Questions about using Skype should be directed to Skype Help. For assistance with problems using equipment, request support through the Service Hub.

Skype is available to all UCOP staff, contractors, and other associated personnel.

24/7, except during planned outages

Calls between Skype users are free of charge. Fees are applied if Skype is used to call a non-Skype user.

Additional Information
Information about using Skype may be found in the Service Hub. Key search words include Skype, Conferencing Tools Comparison Chart.

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