Backup Services for Desktop Computers and Servers

Service Description

ITS installs an automated service for creating backup copies of files stored on desktop and laptop computers, as well as local area network (LAN) server computers. Backup protects data from being lost due to disasters, system crashes, security breaches, and human error. ITS assists department employees in restoring files from backup as necessary.

The software program used for the backup service for servers is called Avamar. The backed-up data can be accessed by the Avamar software and restored to the server through the local area network connection. Avamar is supported on Windows and UNIX/Linux platforms. The software program, TSM is used to backup desktops.

Information about Desktop Backup and Server Backup

Desktop Backup:

    The standard program provides daily backup of certain files. Desktop backup services are provided to all Oakland-based UCOP employees. See the FAQs for Desktop Backup for a complete description of the backup service.

Server Backup:

ITS installs Avamar on server systems when departments require backup and restore of critical data housed on the server. Departments should refer to information security policies and guidelines to determine whether data backup is necessary. After the service has been implemented and the initial full backup of a server has been completed, only incremental backups are performed, i.e., when changes are made to files or directories. Avamar performs a Level0 (full), then level1, level 2, level3, ...forever. This is referred to as INCREMENTAL FOREVER - AKA synthetic backups.

Customized backup requirements will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

Charges for server backup services are based on the amount of data being backed up, rather than stored, as shown in the table below.

Servers with Backup Data
<= 100 GB
> 100 GB

How to Obtain Server Backup Services

Contact the Technology Service Desk. The service is available to all UCOP departments provided that the following requirements are met.

  • Approval from a manager/supervisor is obtained.
  • The server is located in the UCOP Data Center.
  • For Windows servers, the department is part of the centralized Active Directory.