The IT Leadership Council (ITLC) is composed of CIOs from the campuses, medical centers, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the Agriculture and Natural Resources division, and Hastings College of the Law.

Executive Committee Andrew Wissmiller, Chair
Larry Conrad, Vice Chair
Tom Andriola, Member Ex Officio
Mark Cianca, Member Ex Officio
Berkeley Larry Conrad
Associate Vice Chancellor - IT and CIO
Information Services and Technology
Davis Viji Murali
Vice Provost and CIO
Information and Educational Technology
Davis Medical Center Michael Minear
Vice Chancellor/Dean's Office
Irvine Dana Roode
Associate Vice Chancellor & CIO
Office of Information Technology
Irvine Medical Center Chuck Podesta
Chief Information Officer
Health Affairs Information Services
Los Angeles Jim Davis
Vice Provost
Information Technology

Andrew Wissmiller
Associate Vice Chancellor
Information Technology Services
UCLA Medical Center Mike Pfeffer
CMIO and Interim Chief Information Officer
UCLA Health Sciences
Merced Ann Kovalchick
Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Information Technology
Riverside Chuck Rowley
Associate Vice Chancellor
Computing and Communications
San Diego Min Yao
Assistant Vice Chancellor and Chief Information Officer
Administrative Computing and Telecommunications

Richard Moore
Deputy Director
San Diego Super Computer Center
San Diego Medical Center Ed Babakanian
Chief Information Officer
UC San Diego Health Systems
San Francisco
Joe Bengfort
Chief Information Officer
UCSF Campus and Medical Center
Santa Barbara Denise Stephens
University Librarian and Interim CIO
Santa Cruz Mary Doyle
Vice Chancellor, Information Technology
Information Technology Services
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Rosio Alvarez
IT Division Director and CIO
Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources Gabe Youtsey
Chief Information Officer
UC Hastings Jake Hornsby
Chief Information Officer
UC Hastings College of the Law
Office of the President

Tom Andriola
Vice President & CIO
Information Technology Services

Mark Cianca
Deputy Chief Information Officer
Information Technology Services

Paul Weiss
Chief Technology Officer
Information Technology Services
UCCC Rep Vacant
Academic Senate University Committee
on Computing and Communications (UCCC)