Staff by subject assignment

Subject AreaIMPAC Contact
Academic Affairs
Academic Personnel Kimberly Peterson
Academic Planning Ed Stewart
Academic Preparation Frank Thomson
Accountability Frank Thomson
Admissions/Transfers Ed Stewart
Campus Life (Athletics, Student Services, Housing, Student Populations) Jenna Fahrner
CTE Frank Thomson
Financial Aid and Fees Jenna Fahrner
Intellectual Property/Technology Transfer Kimberly Peterson
K-12 Issues (Teacher Education and Professional Development) Frank Thomson
Research and Graduate Studies Kimberly Peterson
Textbooks Kimberly Peterson
Agriculture and Natural Resources Frank Thomson
Budget Heather Kopeck
Business Operations and Finance
Campus Stores Kimberly Peterson
Compensation Heather Kopeck
Compliance and Audit Heather Kopeck
Construction and Capital Planning Ed Stewart
Data Privacy and Security Heather Kopeck
Environment Health and Safety Heather Kopeck
Finance/Banking/Investments Heather Kopeck
Health and Benefits Heather Kopeck
Institutional Advancement/Development Heather Kopeck
Labor Heather Kopeck
Land Use/CEQA/Real Estate Ed Stewart
Law Enforcement/Public Safety Kimberly Peterson
Utilities/Energy Jenna Fahrner
Workers Compensation Heather Kopeck
Health Sciences and Services Kimberly Peterson
National Labs Kimberly Peterson
Regents Heather Kopeck