The UC Institute for Labor and Employment

The UC Institute for Labor and Employment (ILE) was a multi-campus research program devoted to studying, and finding solutions for, problems of labor and employment in California and the nation. It expanded upon the existing Institutes of Industrial Relations (IIRs) at UC Berkeley and UCLA, which were founded in 1945, and upon the two Centers for Labor Research and Education (CLREs) housed in the IIRs on those two campuses. During 2000-2003 the ILE supported a wide range of research, teaching, and community service activities.

In 2004 the ILE was restructured to reduce costs and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its research initiatives. The UC systemwide grants and research program formerly administered by ILE has been replaced by a Labor and Employment Research Fund, which is administered by the University Office of the President (UCOP) Office of Research and overseen by a faculty Steering Committee drawn from all ten UC campuses. An advisory board to the two IIR directors provides input on priority research areas. The advisory board is comprised of a faculty member from each of six UC campuses, the two CLRE directors, and two members of the labor community. Final decisions regarding research funding are made by the faculty Steering Committee of the Labor and Employment Research Fund.

The UC Berkeley Institute of Industrial Relations and the UCLA Institute of Industrial Relations continue to conduct and fund research, teaching, and service activities on issues of importance to working people, employers, and the state.