Julia Friedlander

Chief Educational Affairs, Public Accountability & Governance Counsel (EAPAG)

Julia Friedlander joined the Office of the General Counsel as Deputy General Counsel - Educational Affairs, Campus Service, Public Accountability & Governance, in April 2014.  Prior to joining the university, Ms. Friedlander was a San Francisco Deputy City Attorney for more than 20 years.  She led the City Attorney’s Telecommunications and Transportation teams and supported a variety of other departments, including the Recreation and Park Department. 

She managed legal advice and transactions for design and ongoing construction of the Central Subway, advised on First Amendment issues arising from transit advertising, played a leading role in transit-related labor negotiations, and worked on the City’s state and federal marriage equality cases. As a client, she managed the City’s Department of Telecommunications and Information Services and worked on public health and public education policy issues for the City of New York and the State of Connecticut. 

Ms. Friedlander graduated from Yale, cum laude, and received her law degree from Stanford Law School.