Student Participation Subcommittee

The primary responsibility of this committee is to work with each university and college to recruit and send students to the Forum.

  1. The Student Participation Subcommittee needs to make both written and telephone contact with at least one key person on each campus. It is difficult to identify the person since each campus is organized differently.
  2. On some campuses, there may be two or three key persons. It is important to take time to work with each so that we can reach the maximum number of students. Campus liaisons should work closely with one another.
  3. The Subcommittee needs to keep in constant contact with the campus liaisons so that we can determine the number of students who will attend. This is imperative for the Local Arrangements Subcommittee who is responsible for providing sufficient lunches for all students.
  4. The Subcommittee should also work with each campus that needs to order buses for the event. The most significant expenditure for the Forum is the buses. Buses should be ordered only for the number of students who have registered and paid a reservation fee. It is recommended that each campus charge a fee that is refunded when the student boards the bus. If he/she does not board, then the fee is kept by the campus. Depending upon the proximity of the campus to the Forum site, past experience indicates that between 25 and 33% of the students who signed up will not show on day of the event.
  5. The Student Participation Subcommittee should provide each campus with detailed instructions on how to reach the host campus: a route map and map of the campus are essential tools for those driving their own vehicles and for bus drivers. Parking instructions for both personal cars and buses should also be sent to the campus contact person.
  6. Hotel reservation information should be given to the campus liaison if students will be required to stay over Friday evening due to the travel distance. The name and telephone number should be provided so that the campus can make reservations. The Forum pays the expenses for the students who stay overnight. The students should also be given the name and telephone number of the motel/hotel in case of a family emergency. Each campus should be aware of the release/permission slips and liability insurance that may be required for students who are under the age of 21.
  7. The Student Participation Subcommittee needs to identify the disabled students and their special needs at least two weeks prior to the event. It is important to know the type of disability, if the person has an aide, and the number of disabled people who will attend from each campus. This information should be given to the Local Arrangements Subcommittee as soon as the students are identified.
  8. As part of a pilot program for the 2002 Forum, approximately 40 community college MESA students were invited to attend the event. The students were identified by the community college. The pilot program was coordinated by UCOP. The community college advisers who participated in the pilot will be asked to assess the value of the Forum for students who are at the sophomore level.