Recruiter Committee

A data base listing all of the recruiters who attended the Forum 2001 is housed at California State University, Long Beach. A copy of the information can be forwarded to either the Northern or Southern California Recruiter Committee. Between 110 and 120 recruiters attend the Forum.

  1. Approximately five months prior to a Forum, the Recruiter Committee should send out the first letter to prior recruiters. It should announce the event and the registration fee for one person per table plus the fee for additional recruiters. The letter should include the location of the hotel, the cost of the overnight stay, and the hotel's reservation telephone number. The letter should also include the deadline for sending in the registration fees.
  2. The letter should also include the telephone number and email address of each person on the Recruiter Committee.
  3. Information about shipping materials to the Local Arrangements Subcommittee or hotel should be made available to the recruiters. In some instances, there is no convenient facility for sending materials in advance of the event. This means that recruiters are responsible for bringing brochures and other materials with them.
  4. Recruiters should be given a choice of airports with the advantages and disadvantages of each.
  5. In a confirmation letter, recruiters should be given detailed instructions on how to reach the hotel and campus, a campus map, parking arrangements, the location of recruiter registration, and the hospitality suite.
  6. For those who do not respond by the deadline date, a reminder letter should be sent.