Agreement to Host Forum on Campus

The purpose of this agreement is to signify that a campus agreeing to serve as the host site for a California Forum for Diversity in Graduate Education understands in advance what its commitments are as well as the benefits it will derive by virtue of this agreement. Two companion documents are specifically incorporated by reference. These documents are: (1) Requirements and Commitments to Host a Forum; and (2) Benefits of Hosting a Forum.

The Planning Committee for the California Forum for Diversity in Graduate education requests that the host campus provide basic information about the event facilities and logistics. Please fill in the following information and provide the signature of the campus academic officer (e.g., Graduate Dean, Academic Affairs Vice President, etc.) who assumes primary responsibility for hosting the event.

Host Campus:

Campus Contact or Contacts:

  Contact #1 Contact #2 (if more than one)

Date of Forum:

Name of Facility or Outdoor Space Reserved for Plenary Session (1000 minimum capacity):

Names of Buildings and Room Numbers Reserved for Workshops and Capacity of Each (minimum of 6-8 rooms):

Name of Facility or Outdoor Space Reserved for Recruiter Fair (minimum capacity of 200 tables):

The campus hereby commits to providing the following financial resources necessary to host the event (required minimum: $4000; in addition, the campus also has the option of placing its name, logo, and other advertising content on the tote bags provided to students in return for reimbursing the Forum for 25 percent of the cost of the bags provided to students):

Name and Title of responsible Academic Officer:

Signature of responsible Academic Officer:

Last Updated: January 6, 2009