Evaluations Subcommittee Responsibilities

  • The work of this committee helps the Planning Committee to improve the event.
  • The Student Data Sheet is filled out and handed in at the time students pick up the box lunch. It serves as the lunch ticket.
  • An overall evaluation form is part of the student's packet. It is to be handed in at the end of the day. The Evaluations Subcommittee should be positioned near the bus "pick-up" location so that the evaluations can be collected. Someone should be in the vicinity of the car parking lot tin order to pick up the forms.
  • Each Student receives the Princeton Review publication, Cracking the GRE, as a gift/prize for submitting the overall evaluation.
  • A brief evaluation is given to the students at the end of each workshop session.
  • For the 2002 Forum, a "Pre-Forum" and "Post-Forum" evaluation was administered to a select group of students who took the bus. The purpose is to measure what the students knew before the event (Pre-Forum) and how it might have changed their perspectives about graduate education (Post-Forum).
  • The Northern California Planning Committee discussed the merits of asking for Social Security Numbers on the overall student evaluation. The Committee concluded that it would help track students who attended the Forum over a period of time. This information would help determine if the Forum was beneficial and could also be used to help generate outside funds.

Contact Information

Northern Chair:
Carlotta Moore
Program Coordinator
Office of Graduate Division
Sacramento State

Southern Chair:
Elia Amaro
Research Support Services Coordinator
Office of Research and Development
Golden Eagle 314
California State University, Los Angeles
5151 State University Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90032-8530