Payroll Coordination and Tax Services is responsible for initiating changes to the Payroll/Personnel System (PPS) and developing systemwide policy and procedures regarding payroll, disbursements and tax matters, preparation of consolidated tax returns, evaluation of new tax developments, interpretation of tax laws and coordination of IRS exams.

The Payroll Coordination & Tax Services unit is responsible for benefits, collective bargaining, disbursements policies, payroll systems, payroll taxes, taxation of nonresident aliens and UBIT and other taxes.

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John Barrett

Manager, Tax Services Coordinator

Phone: (510) 987-0903


Shaun Ruiz

Manager, Payroll Coordinator

Phone: (510) 987-0909


Jaime Espinoza

Principal Analyst

Phone: (510) 987-0905


Marcia Johnson

Sr. Administrative Analyst

Phone: (510) 987-0944


Benjamin Tsai

Tax & Research Policy Analyst

Phone: (510) 587-6130


Arthur Quilao

Tax Analyst II

Phone: (510) 287-3319