Risk Summit 2014


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Risk Summit is an annual gathering of UC professionals that provides an opportunity to connect with colleagues and share perspectives, best practices, challenges and solutions that can be used to improve efficiency and manage risk in the workplace.

See the Risk Summit 2013 Program with links to video presentations.

For more information on Risk Summit contact Janine Ford Crocker.

Risk Summit 2014 Conference Videos* and PowerPoint Presentations

A Day in the Life of a Chief Privacy Officer  Presentation PPT

Applying AGILE to Everyday Work PPT Only

Behavioral Threat Intervention PPT Only

Boots to Books  Presentation PPT

Captive 101  Presentation PPT

Chemical Safety & Security: A Collaborative Approach  Presentation PPT

CHQI Update  Presentation PPT

Crime Prevention through Environmental Design PPT Only

Data Analytics, Diagnostic, and Risk Mitigation Solutions   Presentation PPT

Difficult, Challenging, The "Different" Patient   

Driver Selection Policy   Presentation PPT

Employment Practices   

ERM 101  Presentation PPT

ERM for the Non Risk Manager  Presentation PPT

ERM IT Bootcamp  Presentation PPT

ERM University General Session   

General Session  Presentation PPT

Increasing Dimensions of Data  

Infectious Disease Outbreak Investigation on Campus Implications for Risk Management   Presentation PPT

Integrating Ergonomics Into Design on a Budget PPT Only

Learning to Live with an Advanced Persistent Threat PPT Only

Livewell UCLA Healthy Campus Initiative PPT Only

Manage Campus Risks Your Way PPT Only

Managing Reputational Risk Through Customer Service   Presentation PPT

Obamacare Is Good for Students PPT Only

Opening Session and Awards Ceremony  Presentation PPT

Operational Excellence Through Enterprise Risk Reduction   Presentation PPT

Ostrich Defense   Presentation PPT

Prescription Drug Abuse by College Students   

Reducing Risk Working Alone in Labs PPT

RMLC In Action PPT Only

Safety Management System and the ERMIS Dashboard PPT Only

Santa Barbara Meningitis Lessons Learned   Presentation PPT

Sex Abuse on Campus PPT Only

Social Media in Medicine Liability: Fad, or the Next Big Thing   

Strategies to Prevent Fatalities and Serious Injuries PPT Only

The Evolving EMR Ecosystem PPT Only

The Increasing Dimensions of Data   

Workstrong Targeted Wellness Act   Presentation PPT

*PLEASE NOTE: Only select presentations were filmed