Introduction to the Facilities Manual

Volume 1, Chapter 1


The University of California Facilities Manual (FM) is intended to allow easy access to important policies, procedures, and guidelines for Facilities management and operation. The Office of the President, Facilities Management and Construction, is responsible for FM preparation, publication, and administration. Policies and procedures are sometimes issued or changed through memoranda before inclusion in the FM, but as the FM is revised, these materials will be incorporated.

Each Facility is encouraged to develop its own procedures manual that expands on and complements FM content.

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The Facilities Manual is organized into six volumes, each focused on a different aspect of Facilities management and operation:

Volume 1

  • Executive Summary and University Administration

Volume 2: 

  • Planning

Volume 3: 

  • Part 1: Design
  • Part 2: Design Documents Models and Instructions

Volume 4: 

  • Construction Contracting and Construction Documents

Volume 5: 

  • Bidding and Construction Administration

Volume 6: 

  • Operation and Maintenance of Plant

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This section explains and gives examples of the different ways information is presented in the Facilities Manual.

1.3.1 Content Levels

All FM volumes except Volume 1 contain two introductory sections "Introduction to the Facilities Manual" and "Volume Introduction and Summary" followed by numbered chapters. Most volumes are divided into two or more parts numbered with roman numerals.

Each chapter is subdivided into numbered articles, e.g., 5.1, which means, "Chapter 5, Article 1." Articles may contain numbered paragraphs, e.g., 5.1.1, which means, "Chapter 5, Article 1, Paragraph 1."

The final content level, the subparagraph, is not numbered but begins with a boldface, italic heading: e.g., Subparagraph Heading.

Located in the back of each volume is a four- to six-section Resource Directory containing figures, models, a glossary, a list of selected University policies, a bibliography, and attachments.

The last volume item, a master index for the entire FM, will be completed after all volumes are published.

1.3.2 Cross-References

When an item within the particular FM volume being used is cross-referenced, a notation like the following is given: (see 5.1). This means, "See this volume, Chapter 5, Article 1."

When an item in another FM volume is being referred to, the cross-reference will additionally include the volume number, as in the following: (see FM2:5.1). This means, See Facilities Manual, Volume 2, Chapter 5, Article 1.

References to multi-part volumes contain a roman numeral in brackets indicating in which part the reference can be found, e.g., (see [I]:3.2), which refers to the volume being used, Part I, Article 3.2, or (see FM2[I]:3.2) which refers to Volume 2, Part I, Article 3.2. ( Article 3.2 is the short form of saying, "Chapter 3, Article 2. ")

References to Resource Directory (RD) items contain the RD section and item number, usually preceded by the name of the RD section: e.g., (see Figures, RD1.1). Sometimes the number and entire name of a particular item are given, and the name of the RD section is intentionally omitted: e.g., (see RD1.1, Typical Flow Chart).

1.3.3 References Lists

References to publications (other than the Facilities Manual), laws, and University policies are listed in boldface type at the beginning of the article or paragraph they pertain to most. By researching these references, readers can obtain further information on items covered in the FM. Bibliographic references are also listed in Resource Directory (RD).

1.3.4 Approved Documents

The Facilities Manual contains documents approved by the Office of the President and the Office of the General Counsel for use by the Facilities. Approved design professional agreements are part of FM, Volume 3. The Long, Short, and Brief Form construction documents all approved documents are part of FM, Volume 4. In addition to these, other approved documents serve as Resource Directory models throughout the FM. Approved documents will be also available on computer diskette from the Office of the President, Facilities Management and Construction.

1.3.5 Language

Much Facilities Manual content is based on University policies. When a policy is being quoted or paraphrased, its name is referenced, and the text often contains the words shall or must : e.g., "The contractor must submit . . .". For easy reference, the full text of selected policies can be found in FM, Volume 1.

Another major portion of the FM is composed of recommended guidelines. Guidelines often contain the words "should" or "may".

Terms that have special meaning within the context of the FM are capitalized throughout the text e.g., "Facility" and "University" along with some titles and legal or contract terms: e.g., "President" and "Agreement." Definitions of special terms may be found in Resource Directory (RD): Glossary.

The Gregg Reference Manual, seventh edition (by Sabin), serves as the basis of most FM grammar, usage, and style conventions.

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This section contains background on the process by which the Facilities Manual is distributed and updated and gives suggestions for FM maintenance and reproduction.

1.4.1 Distribution

The Office of the President, Facilities Management and Construction (FM&C), distributes a limited number of FM volume sets University-wide. Previously issued FM volumes should be replaced with the new sets since this manual has been entirely revised. Each FM volume bears an imprinted set number on its spine and inside Cover Page.

Distribution was determined by a survey conducted by FM&C in 1991. A list of registered FM holders and their issue numbers is maintained by that office.

1.4.2 Revision, Maintenance, and Reproduction

Hard copies of FM revisions are distributed by the Office of the President, Facilities Management and Construction (FM&C), only to registered holders of numbered sets. Revisions are issued in the form of whole chapters or sections not individual pages. This provision should facilitate the task of updating a document of this size. Revisions are accompanied by a cover letter explaining what has been changed. For ease of reference, these cover letters should be kept in the tab-divided section that follows the Volume 1 Cover Page.

A pointer character placed in the left margin near an item heading will indicate where revised text resides. A pointer placed to the left of a chapter heading, for example, indicates that the entire chapter has been revised.

Comments and suggested revisions should be sent to:

Facilities Manual
Construction Services
Office of the President
University of California
1111 Franklin Street, 6th Floor
Oakland, CA 94607

Each Facility is responsible for FM reproduction, distribution, and maintenance beyond the initially issued numbered sets. Each Facility should develop a system for local registration and control of additional FM copies in an effort to keep all FM volumes (and portions thereof) current.

When reproducing the FM or its parts, copy also the numbered, inside Cover Page found at the beginning of each volume, so the reproduced material can be traced back to its source set. Also note that each FM page bears a revision number and corresponding revision date. FM holders may contact Construction Services to confirm whether they are using the most recent version of the FM.

Use the highest quality copier and paper available to preserve the readability of future generations of photocopied FM material.

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