Public affairs

Media relations and executive communications

We help advance UC’s institutional goals by crafting strategies to deliver compelling messages through targeted public events and media coverage.

Our executive communications team drafts speeches, remarks and statements for UC leadership that help convey the value and impact of UC. Our media relations team provides the primary link between the Office of the President and the news media.

We work closely with communications and other UCOP colleagues to:

  • Respond to reporters’ queries
  • Draft and distribute statements, news releases and talking points
  • Organize media briefings
  • Coordinate and staff media interviews with journalists
  • Track coverage of UC and systemwide issues
  • Produce daily news clips
  • Develop strategies for communicating systemwide initiatives and priorities to the public

How we can help

  • If you or someone you work with is contacted by news media for a comment, an interview or information, refer the reporter to us so that we can coordinate a response, whether from the person originally contacted or others.
  • If an interview is arranged, someone from media relations will usually confer with the interviewee in advance and be present for the interview.
  • We often contact employees in other departments for information about programs, initiatives and administrative details so that we can communicate about them accurately to news media. We’re often helping reporters who are on very tight deadlines, so it’s critical for us to get the information in a timely manner (usually in a matter of a few hours).