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Collection Management Initiative
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Project Description

The Collection Management Initiative is a UC-wide research project funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

From October 2001 through September 2002, selected print journals in UC libraries for which electronic access was available through the California Digital Library were temporarily removed from the shelf.

During the study, researchers relied primarily on the electronic version of these journals. If a researcher needed to consult the print version, the volume was temporarily brought back for use or a photocopy was provided.

Usage data has been gathered, and researcher experiences and preferences are being assessed.

After evaluating the study results, the University will use what has been learned to develop strategies, policies and programs for the future management of library collections consisting of both digital and print formats.

Project Objectives

  • Study the behavior and attitudes of users when selected print journals for which electronic access is provided are temporarily relocated elsewhere and primary use is of the electronic version.

  • Document the change in usage of digital and print versions of selected journal titles when print is relocated to storage.

  • Document the costs incurred and avoided in maintaining selected journal titles for which electronic access is provided when paper copies of the journals are relocated to a storage facility and primary use is of the electronic version.

  • Assess the institutional implications for library organization and operations, including consultation and decision-making processes, facilities planning, capital budgeting, systems and resource management.

  • Identify potential opportunities for further development and/or institutional collaboration arising from the practices tested (e.g., expanded preservation/conservation treatment, collaborative archival storage agreements with peer institutions and so forth).

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