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Study Summary

From a pool of 2683 journals, available in both print and digital form, 285 titles were selected for study. For each journal title, one University campus serves as an Experimental Site, and one campus serves as a Control Site.

At the beginning of the study, Experimental Sites will remove to storage the print issues of the journal corresponding to the available digital holdings. The Control Sites will leave all print issues of the Study Title on the shelf. Equivalent digital access to the Study Titles will be available to both experimental and control libraries during the study period. Library users at experimental libraries will be able to recall print issues of the Study Titles from storage.

Comparative measurements will be made to determine the similarities and differences in use of the Study Titles under the experimental and control situations based on data gathered from library circulation and recall reports as well as statistics from Providers on digital access.

The statistical analysis of use of the Study Titles will be amplified by surveys to identify behaviors, beliefs and observations of University faculty, students and library staff on the use of the Study Titles in both the print and digital form. Cost-benefits analysis will be included through the submission of expense worksheets and special cost studies from both control and experimental libraries.


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Last updated: May 21, 2002.