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CMI > For Library Staff > Status Report of July 29, 2003

Status Report

Revised July 29, 2003

Note: this report has been superceded by the Final Report.


Final Print and Digital Usage Data Released

On March 19, 2003, an announcement went out to the University Librarians, the CMI Liaisons and Operations Advisory Committee members that the final usage data for both print and digital journals gathered during the CMI journal study, conducted between October 1, 2001 and September 30, 2002, was now available on the website.

Since there had been some questions posed regarding the methodology used to count digital journal use, the announcement clarified the definition of usage as follows:

    When publishers distinguish between abstract and full text use, CMI staff counted only access to the full text, omitting the use of an abstract from the statistics. When publishers make no distinction between full text and abstract use, staff recorded the one figure provided.


Final Compilation of Return Request Surveys

Fifty-six survey forms were returned out of 201 surveys distributed to users who requested that print journals be returned from storage. Twenty-one of the respondents stated that their reason for requesting a return of the print journal was that the digital version of the journal was incomplete. The second most common reason was that the users preferred to browse through or read the journal in print form.

User Preference Survey

Beginning in February 2003 a User Preference Survey was conducted throughout the University of California. The UCSB Social Science Survey Center was engaged to administer the survey. Twenty thousand invitations were distributed to faculty, graduate students, undergraduate students, staff, and health professionals from each of the campuses. By mid-April 7,000 responses had been received. The questions posed and the language used in the survey instrument were based on the results and analysis of formative interviews conducted by John Vasi from the UCSB campus with 44 UC faculty on the Santa Barbara and San Diego campuses. In addition, a pretest was conducted in December 2002 that resulted in further refinements to the survey language.

The objective of the survey was to learn from users about their usage of library print and electronic journal collections, their preferences when choosing to use either the electronic or print form of a journal and barriers users may have encountered when using electronic journals.

CMI Preliminary Findings from the Journal Use and User Preference Studies

In April 2003, a document entitled, "Preliminary Results from the Collection Management Initiative Journal Use Study and User Preference Survey," was shared with University Librarians, the Systemwide Library and Scholarly Information Advisory Committee, the CMI Steering Committee, the CMI Research Advisory Committee, the CMI Liaisons and CMI Operations Advisory Committee members. A copy of this report is available on the SLASIAC website at

The purpose of the report was to afford UC libraries an opportunity to review the findings of the research projects and to identify any additional questions or ideas for analysis that might be appropriate to address in the final report to the Mellon Foundation.

Research Advisory Committee Meeting, April 23, 2003

The Research Advisory Committee met in Oakland on April 23, 2003. Meeting notes.


Public Web Site Updated

  • FAQ's were revised in February 2003
  • User Preference Survey FAQ's were added in April 2003
  • New graphics illustrating results of the Journal Use Study were added showing the number of titles and physical volumes in the Study by subject category and the distribution of control vs. experimental titles at each campus.

CMI Days

The CMI team members, Gary Lawrence, Laura Fosbender, Claire Le Donne, Cecily Johns and Brian Schottlaender met on June 16 and 17th to review the data collected to date, prepare for summer presentations, discuss plans for the CMI interim report going to the campuses, and final report structure.



Johns, Cecily, "Collection Management Initiative at the University of California," at the ALA LAMA Storage Discussion Group, January 26, 2003; and "Collection Management Initiative at the University of California," at the ALA CMDS Collection Development Librarians of Academic Libraries Discussion Group, June 21, 2003

Lawrence, Gary, "The University of California's Collection Management Initiatives: Findings on Use of and Preference for Digital Journals," Digital Library Forum, New York, May 15, 2003.

Schottlaender, Brian, 'Update on Collection Management Initiative," at the ALA Directors of Technical Services Discussion Group, January 2003, June 20, 2003; and at the ALA Chief Collection Development Officers of Large Research Libraries, January 24, 2003.

Schottlaender, Brian, "University of California Collection Management Initiative: A Study of Behavior and Attitudes of People Using Electronic Journals," 42nd Annual Meeting, Association of Research Libraries, Lexington, Kentucky, May, 2003.

In addition, presentations were made before SLASIAC, the University Librarians, and the US History/Women's Studies Bibliographers group.


Previous Report (December 3, 2002)

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