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CMI > For Library Staff > Phase I: Control Preparation Guidelines

Phase I: Control Preparation Guidelines

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The following procedures were developed from the recommendations of the CMI Operations Advisory Committee subgroups for Usage and Bibliographic Control. The purpose of the procedures is to provide general guidance during the preparation phase for the campuses which have elected to participate in the CMI project as control libraries. In control libraries print runs of selected journal titles will remain on the shelves and usage data will be gathered during the period of the study.

Marking volumes for the purpose of gathering usage data
Usage data
Bibliographic control
Documenting costs


Marking volumes for the purpose of gathering usage data

It will be necessary to mark each of the journal volumes and each unbound issue of study titles prior to the beginning of the study. CMI will provide customized removable labels, Use Data slips and flags for the campuses to use.

Each volume should be marked in the following manner:

  • place a customized removable label to mark the front covers of unbound issues and the spines of bound volumes. Labels will be provided by CMI staff.
  • place a Use data slip inside the front cover, or tape it directly to the inside front cover. Use data slips will be provided by CMI staff.

Usage data

Procedures for gathering usage data from the Use data slips located in the control volumes will be released in a subsequent procedure document which will address procedures during the study period (October 2001 through September 2002).

Bibliographic control

No changes will be made to Melvyl records to indicate control journal titles. Changes in local catalogs to indicate that a title is a control title is optional.

Documenting costs

A work form is being prepared to be used to record your staff costs for marking and recording use of control journals.

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Last updated: October 25, 2001.