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FAQ: Cost Study

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What is the purpose of the cost study?
Where can I get more information about CMI?



What is the purpose of the cost study?

The purpose is to document costs incurred and avoided in maintaining selected journal titles for which electronic access is provided when paper copies of the journals are relocated to a storage facility and primary use is of the electronic version. Dr. Michael Cooper, Professor, School of Information Management and Systems, has consulted and advised on the cost study. View Dr. Cooper's initial report, "A Comparison of the Costs of Providing Electronic vs. Printed Copies of Journal Articles to University of California Users: A Conceptual Design Framework for Data Collection and Analysis."

Campuses provided estimates of costs incurred for Phase I activities using a framework developed by CMI staff. To spare the campuses the burden of comprehensive collection of staff time and cost data for the duration of Phase II, cost data will be collected through special studies, for which participating campuses will be separately compensated. Results of these studies will be used along with other study data (e.g., number of uses of experimental and control journals) to estimate total costs of Phase II activities.

For additional information, see a recent Quarterly Status report.


Where can I get more information about CMI?

This web site contains study background, the research plan, project data, a roster of staff and advisory groups, and a contact form, as well additional FAQ's. Visit the welcome page.

There are three other FAQ's about the project available:

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