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Control Site
Campus location retaining both print and digital access to Study Titles.

Control Treatment
In local collections, that have access to Print Study Titles and to digital counterparts, no limit is placed on access to print or digital forms.

Digital Study Title
Serial publication in digital format that has a print counterpart and for which the University has a license for access.

Experimental Site
Campus location from where Print Study Titles are withdrawn.

Experimental Treatment
In local collections, which have access to Print Study Titles and to the digital counterparts, access to print is limited by placing titles in storage.

Print Study Title
Serial publication in print format that has a digital counterpart.

Publisher or aggregator delivering Digital Study Titles and supplying data on use.

Storage Location
Regional Library Facility or campus site which holds Study Titles during Experimental Treatment.

Study Title
A serial publication for which the University has at least two or more subscriptions, with similar holdings coverage, located at two or more campuses and a license to access the digital counterpart.

Study Title Piece
A bound volume or unbound issue of a Study Title.

Each request for a Print Study Title, either volume, unbound issue or article copy from a Storage Location and each instance of re-shelving of a volume or unbound issue at the Control Site during the study period; for a Digital Study Title uses reported by the Provider.

All library patrons accessing either the print or digital versions of the Study Titles including undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, staff, other UC affiliated patrons and non-UC patrons of the library.

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