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Titles with Subject Descriptors

Revised August 1, 2002

Category Abbreviations: AH = Arts and Humanities; LHS = Life and Health Sciences; PSE = Physical Sciences and Engineering; SS = Social Sciences

ISSN Title LC Subclass Subject Category
0001-4842 Accounts of Chemical Research QD1 QD Chemistry, Biochemistry PSE
0001-6918 Acta Psychologica BF1 BF Psychology SS
0306-4603 Addictive Behaviors RC565 RC Medicine, Psychiatry LHS
0001-8686 Advances In Colloid & Interface Science QD506 QD Biology, Chemistry LHS
0065-2571 Advances In Enzyme Regulation QP601.A1 QP Molecular biology LHS
0741-8329 Alcohol QP801 QP Biochemistry, Physiology LHS
0002-9122 American journal of botany QK1 QK Botany LHS
0002-9149 American journal of cardiology RC681.A1 RC Medicine LHS
0148-7299 American Journal of Medical Genetics RB155 RB Genetics LHS
0002-9343 American Journal of Medicine RC60 RC Medicine LHS
0002-9475 American journal of philology P1 P Classics AH
0003-0031 American midland naturalist QH1 QH Biology LHS
0003-0147 American naturalist QH1 QH Biology LHS
0003-0678 American quarterly AP2 AP American studies AH
1359-7337 Analytical communications QD71 QD Chemistry PSE
0003-3472 Animal Behaviour QL750 QL Zoology LHS
1047-2797 Annals Of Epidemiology RA648.5 RA Clinical medicine LHS
0003-486X Annals of mathematics QA1 QA Mathematics PSE
0003-4916 Annals of Physics QC1 QC Physics PSE
0091-1798 Annals of probability HA1 HA Statistics PSE
0090-5364 Annals of statistics HA1 HA Statistics PSE
0026-6493 Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden QK1 QK Botany LHS
0066-4162 Annual review of ecology and systematics QH540 QH Ecology LHS
0166-3542 Antiviral Research RC114.5 RC Medicine, Pharmacology LHS
0167-4943 Archives Of Gerontology And Geriatrics QP86 QP Clinical medicine LHS
0739-4462 Archives of Insect Biochemistry and Physiology QL495 QL Entomology LHS
0307-4412 Biochemical Education QP518 QP Biochemistry, Molecular biology LHS
0006-2952 Biochemical Pharmacology QP901 QP Pharmacology LHS
0265-9247 BioEssays QH506 QH Biology LHS
0006-3207 Biological Conservation S900 S Biology LHS
0006-3223 Biological Psychiatry RC321 RC Psychiatry LHS
0301-0511 Biological Psychology QP360 QP Biology, Psychology LHS
0006-3444 Biometrika QH301 QH Natural history, Biology LHS
0006-3525 Biopolymers QP801.P64 QP Biology LHS
0956-5663 Biosensors And Bioelectronics R857.B54 R Biololgy LHS
0006-3606 Biotropica QH1 QH Biology LHS
0006-8071 Botanical gazette QK1 QK Botany LHS
0361-9230 Brain Research Bulletin QP376 QP Biology, Medicine LHS
0007-1048 British Journal of Haematology RC633.A1 RC Biology LHS
0007-196X Brittonia QK1 QK Botany LHS
0040-9618 Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club QK1 QK Botany LHS
0161-2492 Callaloo NX506 NX American literature AH
0270-5346 Camera obscura PN1995.9.W6 PN Women's studies, Media AH
0008-4042 Canadian Journal of Chemistry QD1 QD Chemistry PSE
0706-652X Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences QH1 QH Aquatic science LHS
0304-3835 Cancer Letters RC261.A1 RC Medicine LHS
0008-6215 Carbohydrate Research QD321 QD Biochemistry LHS
0008-8749 Cellular Immunology QR185.C4 QR Microbiology LHS
0009-2541 Chemical Geology QE515 QE Chemistry, Geology PSE
0009-2614 Chemical Physics Letters QD450 QD Chemistry, Physics PSE
0893-228X Chemical Research in Toxicology RA1190 RA Medicine LHS
0009-2665 Chemical Reviews QD1 QD Chemistry PSE
0009-3084 Chemistry And Physics Of Lipids QP501 QP Molecular biology PSE
0009-7101 Cinema journal PN1993 PN Film studies AH
0264-9381 Classical & Quantum Gravity QC178 QC Physics PSE
0009-8981 Clinica Chimica Acta RB1 RB Chemistry PSE
0009-9104 Clinical & Experimental Immunology RC583 RC Molecular biology LHS
0009-9120 Clinical Biochemistry RB112.5 RB Molecular biology LHS
1388-2457 Clinical Neurophysiology RC321 RC Medicine LHS
0010-0277 Cognition BF311 BF Psychology SS
0010-0285 Cognitive Psychology BF309 BF Psychology SS
0010-3640 Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics QA1 QA Mathematics PSE
0169-7552 Computer Networks And Isdn Systems TK5105.5 TK Electrical engineering PSE
1077-3142 Computer Vision and Image Understanding TA1632 TA Electrical engineering PSE
0097-8485 Computers & Chemistry QD39.3.E46 QD Chemistry, Biochemistry LHS
0097-8493 Computers & Graphics T385 T Computer science PSE
0305-0548 Computers & Operations Research T57.6.A1 T Computer science PSE
0010-4825 Computers In Biology And Medicine R858.A1 R Biomedical engineering LHS
1040-3108 Concurrency: Practice and Experience QA76.58 QA Computer science PSE
0010-7824 Contraception RG136.A1 RG Medicine, biology, chemistry LHS
0010-8545 Coordination Chemistry Reviews QD475 QD Chemistry PSE
0261-2194 Crop Protection SB950.A1 SB Agriculture LHS
0955-0674 Current Opinion in Cell Biology QH QH Molecular biology LHS
0169-023X Data & Knowledge Engineering QA76.9.D26 QA Computer science, Engineering PSE
0950-1991 Development QL951 QL Biology, Botany LHS
0012-1592 Development Growth and Differentation QL951 QL Molecular biology, Genetics LHS
0012-1630 Developmental Psychobiology QL750 QL Psychology, Biology LHS
0168-8227 Diabetes Research And Clinical Practice RC660.A1 RC Medicine LHS
0300-7162 Diacritics PN80 PN Literary criticism AH
0166-218X Discrete Applied Mathematics QA1 QA Mathematics PSE
1044-5498 DNA and cell biology QH442 QH Biology LHS
0012-8252 Earth Science Reviews QE1 QE Earth sciences PSE
0098-8847 Earthquake Engineering & Structural Dynamics TA654.6 TA Engineering PSE
0012-9615 Ecological monographs QH540 QH Ecology LHS
0912-3814 Ecological Research QH540 QH Ecology LHS
0012-9658 Ecology QH540 QH Ecology LHS
0272-7757 Economics Of Education Review LC65 LC Education SS
0173-0835 Electrophoresis QD79.E44 QD Biochemistry LHS
0013-8304 ELH PR1 PR English/American literature AH
0014-1801 Ethnohistory E51 E Ethnography SS
0014-2921 European Economic Review HB1 HB Economics SS
0014-2956 European Journal of Biochemistry QP501 QP Biochemistry LHS
0014-2999 European Journal Of Pharmacology RM1 RM Pharmacology LHS
1351-0754 European Journal of Soil Science S590 S Soil Science LHS
0143-0807 European Journal of Physics QC1 QC Physics PSE
0014-3820 Evolution QH301 QH Biology LHS
0016-1071 French historical studies DC1 DC French history AH
0046-5070 Freshwater Biology QH96.A1 QH Ecology, Biology LHS
0378-1119 Gene QH442 QH Genetics LHS
0306-3623 General Pharmacology RM1 RM Pharmacology LHS
0016-7037 Geochimica Et Cosmochimica Acta QE351 QE Geology, Chemistry PSE
0169-555X Geomorphology GB400 GB Geology PSE
0956-540X Geophysical Journal International QC801 QC Geophysics PSE
0960-7447 Global ecology and biogeography letters QH84 QH Ecology LHS
1524-0703 Graphical Models and Image Processing T385 T Computer science, Electrical engineering PSE
0018-019X Helvetica Chimica Acta QD1 QD Chemistry PSE
0273-0340 Henry James review PS2124 PS American literature AH
0018-067X Heredity QH431 QH Genetics LHS
0935-560X History and memory D16.8 D History AH
0198-8859 Human Immunology QR180 QR Medicine LHS
0262-8856 Image And Vision Computing TA1632 TA Computer science PSE
0019-2805 Immunology QR180 QR Immunology LHS
0890-5401 Information and Computation Q350 Q Computer science PSE
0020-0190 Information Processing Letters QA76 QA Mathematics PSE
0020-0255 Information Sciences Z699.A1 Z Computer science PSE
0020-1669 Inorganic Chemistry QD1 QD Chemistry PSE
0020-1693 Inorganica Chimica Acta QD146 QD Chemistry PSE
0965-1748 Insect Biochemistry And Molecular Biology QL495 QL Entomolgy, Molecular biology LHS
0020-7519 International Journal For Parasitology QL757 QL Biology, Veterinary science LHS
0020-7136 International Journal of Cancer RC261 RC Medicine LHS
0167-5273 International Journal Of Cardiology RC681.A1 RC Medicine LHS
0169-2070 International Journal Of Forecasting H61.4 H Business SS
1071-5819 International Journal of Human Computer Studies TA167 TA Computer science PSE
0165-4101 Journal Of Accounting And Economics HF5601 HF Accounting, Economics SS
0196-6774 Journal of Algorithms QA76.6 QA Mathematics PSE
0002-7863 Journal Of American Chemical Society QD1 QD Chemistry PSE
0021-8790 Journal of Animal Ecology QL750 QL Ecology LHS
0021-8901 Journal of Applied Ecology S3 S Ecology LHS
0140-1963 Journal of Arid Environments QH541.5.A74 QH Geology, Geography PSE
0168-7433 Journal of Automated Reasoning QA76.9.A96 QA Computer science PSE
0378-4266 Journal Of Banking And Finance HG23 HG Finance SS
0233-111X Journal of Basic Microbiology QR1 QR Microbiology LHS
0005-7916 Journal Of Behavior Therapy And Experimental Psych RC489.B4 RC Psychology, Psychiatry LHS/SS
0305-0270 Journal of Biogeography QH84 QH Biology, Geography LHS
0021-9290 Journal Of Biomechanics QP303 QP Biomechanics LHS
0021-9398 Journal of business HF5001 HF Business SS
0021-9568 Journal of chemical and engineering data TP155 TP Chemical engineering PSE
0095-2338 Journal of chemical information and computer scien QD1 QD Chemistry PSE
1520-3972 Journal of cold war studies D839 D History, Political science AH/SS
0192-8651 Journal of Computational Chemistry QD39.3.E46 QD Chemistry PSE
0021-9991 Journal of Computational Physics QC20 QC Physics PSE
0022-0000 Journal of Computer and System Sciences QA76.5 QA Computer science PSE
0304-3878 Journal Of Development Economics HC59.7 HC Economics SS
0022-0396 Journal of Differential Equations QA371 QA Mathematics PSE
0022-0477 Journal of Ecology QH540 QH Ecology LHS
0304-4076 Journal Of Econometrics HB139 HB Economics SS
0167-2681 Journal Of Economic Behavior & Organization HD28 HD Economics SS
0148-6195 Journal Of Economics And Business HC101 HC Economics, Finance SS
1010-061X Journal of Evolutionary Biology QH359 QH Biology LHS
0304-405X Journal Of Financial Economics HG4501 HG Finance SS
0022-1759 Journal Of Immunological Methods QR183 QR Immunology LHS
0162-0134 Journal Of Inorganic Biochemistry QP501 QP Biochemistry LHS
0022-1910 Journal Of Insect Physiology QL461 QL Entomology, Biology LHS
0022-1953 Journal of interdisciplinary history D1 D History AH
0022-1996 Journal Of International Economics HF1 HF Economics LHS
1076-5174 Journal of Mass Spectrometry QD272.S6 QD Biology, Chemistry LHS/PSE
0022-2720 Journal of Microscopy QH201 QH Microscopy LHS
0899-3718 Journal of military history E181 E History AH
0022-2836 Journal of Molecular Biology QH301 QH Molecular biology LHS
0362-2525 Journal of Morphology QL801 QL Medicine LHS
0022-2992 Journal of Negro history E185 E American history AH
0165-5728 Journal Of Neuroimmunology RC346.5 RC Medicine, Biology LHS
0165-0270 Journal Of Neuroscience Methods QP351 QP Medicine, Biology LHS
0360-4012 Journal of Neuroscience Research QP351 QP Medicine, Biology LHS
0022-3263 Journal Of Organic Chemistry QD241 QD Chemistry PSE
0022-328X Journal Of Organometallic Chemistry QD411 QD Chemistry PSE
0743-7315 Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing QA76.5 QA Mathematics PSE
0305-4470 Journal of physics. A, Mathematical and general QC1 QC Physics PSE
0953-4075 Journal of physics. B, Atomic, molecular and optic QC173.4.C65 QC Physics PSE
0953-8984 Journal of physics. Condensed matter QC173.4.C65 QC Physics PSE
0022-3727 Journal of physics. D, Applied physics QC1 QC Physics PSE
0954-3899 Journal of physics. G, Nuclear and particle physic QC770 QC Physics PSE
0161-8938 Journal of Physiology-Paris QP1 QP Physiology LHS
1436-8730 Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science / Zeit QK867 QK Botany LHS
0737-6782 Journal Of Product Innovation Management HF5415.153 HF Business SS
0022-3956 Journal Of Psychiatric Research RC321 RC Psychiatry LHS
0022-3999 Journal Of Psychosomatic Research RC52 RC Psychiatry LHS
0047-2727 Journal Of Public Economics HJ101 HJ Economics SS
0022-4049 Journal Of Pure And Applied Algebra QA150 QA Mathematics PSE
0165-0378 Journal Of Reproductive Immunology QP251 QP Medicine LHS
1053-5357 Journal of socio-economics HB1 HB Economics, Sociology SS
0022-4642 Journal of southern history F206 F American history AH
0164-1212 Journal Of Systems And Software QA76.5 QA Electrical engineering PSE
0022-510X Journal Of The Neurological Sciences RC321 RC Medicine, Neurology LHS
0368-4245 Journal of the Society for Industrial and Applied QA1 QA Mathematics PSE
0266-4674 Journal of tropical ecology QH541.5.T7 QH Ecology LHS
0377-0273 Journal Of Volcanology And Geothermal Research QE521.5 QE Geology PSE
1045-6007 Journal of world history D1 D History AH
0099-5355 Lancet R31 R Medicine LHS
0743-7463 Langmuir QD506.A1 QD Chemistry PSE
0271-5309 Language & Communication P87 P Linguistics SS
0024-3205 Life Sciences QH301 QH Medicine, Biology LHS
0024-3590 Limnology and oceanography GC1 GC Oceanography LHS
0885-6125 Machine Learning Q325.5 Q Computer science, Education PSE/LHS
1022-1352 Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics QD471 QD Chemistry, Physics PSE/LHS
1022-1336 Macromolecular Rapid Communications QD380 QD Chemistry, Physics PSE/LHS
0024-9297 Macromolecules QD380 QD Chemistry, Engineering PSE
0891-6837 Mathematical tables and aids to computation QA47 QA Mathematics PSE
0026-7910 MLN PB1 PB Literary criticism AH
0303-7207 Molecular And Cellular Endocrinology QP187.A1 QP Biochemistry, Medicine LHS
0161-5890 Molecular Immunology QR180 QR Molecular biology LHS
1040-452X Molecular Reproduction and Development QP251 QP Molecular biology LHS
0893-6080 Neural Networks QA76.5 QA Computer science, Biology LHS
0197-0186 Neurochemistry International QP356.3 QP Chemistry, Pharmacology LHS
0028-3908 Neuropharmacology RM315 RM Pharmacology LHS
0306-4522 Neuroscience QP351 QP Biology, Medicine LHS
0304-3940 Neuroscience Letters QP351 QP Biology, Medicine LHS
0168-0102 Neuroscience Research RC337 RC Biology, Medicine LHS
0028-6087 New literary history PR1 PR Literary criticism AH
0028-646X New phytologist QK1 QK Botany LHS
0951-7715 Nonlinearity QA427 QA Mathematics, Physics PSE
0029-7844 Obstetrics & Gynecology RG1 RG Medicine LHS
0305-0483 Omega HD28 HD Management SS
0167-6377 Operations Research Letters T57.6.A1 T Management SS
0276-7333 Organometallics QD410 QD Chemistry PSE
0927-538X Pacific-Basin Finance Journal HG5980.7.A2 HG Finance SS
0304-3959 Pain RB127 RB Medicine LHS
0094-8373 Paleobiology QE701 QE Geology LHS
0167-8191 Parallel Computing QA75.5 QA Computer science PSE
0167-8655 Pattern Recognition Letters TK7882.P3 TK Computer science, Electrical engineering PSE
0196-9781 Peptides QP552.P4 QP Biochemistry LHS
0166-5316 Performance Evaluation QA76.9.E95 QA Mathematics PSE
0091-3057 Pharmacology Biochemistry And Behavior QP901 QP Pharmacology LHS
0962-8428 Philosophical transactions. Physical sciences and Q41 Q Science (General) PSE/LHS
0190-0013 Philosophy and literature PN2 PN Literature, Philosophy AH
1050-2947 Physical Review A QC QC Physics PSE
1098-0121 Physical Review B QC QC Physics PSE
0163-651X Physical Review E QC QC Physics PSE
0031-9120 Physics Education QC30 QC Physics PSE
0031-9384 Physiology & Behavior QP351 QP Physiology, Psychology LHS
0031-9422 Phytochemistry QK861 QK Botany LHS
0032-0633 Planetary And Space Science QC801 QC Astronomy PSE
0140-7791 Plant Cell & Environment QK710 QK Botany LHS
0168-9452 Plant Science QK1 QK Botany LHS
0741-3335 Plasma Physics & Controlled Fusion QC770 QC Physics PSE
0277-5387 Polyhedron QD1 QD Chemistry PSE
0027-8424 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of Q11 Q Science (General) PSE/LHS
0080-4630 Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series Q41 Q Science (General) PSE/LHS
0080-4649 Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series Q41 Q Science (General) PSE/LHS
0163-7827 Progress In Lipid Research QD301 QD Biochemistry LHS
0079-6786 Progress In Solid State Chemistry QD473 QD Chemistry PSE
0079-6816 Progress In Surface Science QD506 QD Chemistry PSE
0887-3585 Proteins: Structure, Function, and Genetics QP551 QP Biochemistry LHS
0033-5770 Quarterly review of biology QH301 QH Biology LHS
1040-6182 Quaternary International QE696 QE Earth sciences PSE
1381-5148 Reactive And Functional Polymers TP156.P6 TP Chemistry PSE
0034-4885 Reports on Progress in Physics QC3 QC Physics PSE
0160-6891 Research in Nursing & Health RT81.5 RT Nursing LHS
0037-0738 Sedimentary Geology QE471 QE Geology PSE
1052-6234 SIAM Journal of Optimization QA QA Mathematics PSE
0036-1399 SIAM journal on applied mathematics QA1 QA Mathematics PSE
0097-5397 SIAM Journal on Computing QA QA Computer science PSE
0036-1429 SIAM journal on numerical analysis QA297 QA Mathematics PSE
0036-1445 SIAM review QA1 QA Mathematics PSE
0378-8733 Social Networks HM73 HM Sociology SS
0145-5532 Social science history H1 H Social sciences, History AH/SS
0049-089X Social Science Research H1 H Social sciences SS
0038-0644 Software: Practice and Experience QA76.5 QA Computer science PSE
0038-0717 Soil Biology & Biochemistry S590 S Soil science, Biology LHS
0038-1098 Solid State Communications QC176.A1 QC Physics PSE
0039-128X Steroids QP752.S7 QP Chemistry, Pharmacology LHS
0363-6445 Systematic botany QK95 QK Botany LHS
0307-6970 Systematic Entomology QL461 QL Entomology LHS
0039-7989 Systematic zoology QH83 QH Biology LHS
0039-9140 Talanta QD71 QD Chemistry PSE
0040-4039 Tetrahedron Letters QD241 QD Chemistry PSE
0161-0775 Theater PN2000 PN Theater AH
0192-2882 Theatre journal PN3171 PN Theater AH
0304-3975 Theoretical Computer Science QA267 QA Computer science PSE
0040-6031 Thermochimica Acta QD510 QD Chemistry PSE
0166-8641 Topology And Its Applications QA611.A1 QA Mathematics PSE
0300-483X Toxicology RA1190 RA Chemistry PSE
0002-9947 Transactions of the American Mathematical Society QA1 QA Mathematics PSE
0041-1345 Transplantation Proceedings RD120.7 RD Medicine, Surgery LHS
FS00-2181 Trends In Ecology And Evolution Including Compendi QH540 QH Ecology, Biology LHS
1043-2760 Trends In Endocrinology & Metabolism RC648.A1 RC Medicine, Molecular biology LHS
0301-5629 Ultrasound In Medicine And Biology RM862.7 RM Medicine, Biology LHS
0042-6989 Vision Research QP474 QP Biology LHS
0893-5378 Yale journal of criticism PN2 PN Literary criticism AH
0044-2313 Zeitschrift für anorganische und allgemeine Chemie QD1 QD Chemistry PSE


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